Top Ten Baby Movies

When I was pregnant I could think of no better way to spend an evening than curled up on the couch with some choice (highly nutritious, low fat, etc.) snacks and a silly movie about babies. The sillier, the better. There was something about the absurdity of the Hollywood representation of pregnancy and motherhood that I found soothing, or if not soothing, comic-relief-inducing.

So when the cult film/pop culture site Shadowlocked listed their top ten baby movies,  I was surprised to see how few of them I had actually seen, pregnant or not. But considering the extreme weather trends of late, you might want to consider brushing up on the Hollywood Pregnancy/Baby Movie Genre.

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Shadowlocked’s Top 10 Baby Movies:

10. Juno

9. Raising Arizona

8. She’s Having a Baby

7. Baby Boom

6. For Keeps

5. Maybe Baby

4. Look Who’s Talking

3. Three Men and A Baby

2. Jack And Sarah

1. Junior

I must admit that there are a handful of these I have no recollection of ever having heard of, despite the fact that they must have been major Hollywood releases at a time when I should have been aware of such things. My only excuse is the fact that I was completely uninterested in matters of babies…until I wasn’t. So I guess I tuned out any related movies as well.

I’m curious about Jack and Sarah, featuring Richard E. Grant, who I loved in Withnail and I and How to Get Ahead in Advertising (a film that could stand to be revived by the Mad Men Ad Man frenzy). And I’m sort of shocked, considering my love of 80s and 90s teen movies, that I missed Molly Ringwald’s turn as a pregnant teen in For Keeps. Perhaps I did see it and blocked it out due to trauma of some sort? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t related to any related personal experiences, but then again, my memory is not what it used to be.

How do you think these compare to today’s Baby movies, ie, Knocked Up, Baby Mama and Away We Go?

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Article Posted 8 years Ago

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