Top Tools for Relieving Pain in Labor

My sister and I during her first labor.

Coping with labor is both easy and difficult there are so many things that a woman may want during labor. Often she’ll settle into a routine where a particular birth affirmation, massage technique or position is working really well only to find that an hour later the tenor of her labor changes and she no longer wants what seemed to be working before.

Flexibility and open-mindedness is the name of the game when it comes to supporting a woman in labor. A blanket is just what she wants for now. That she tells you she’s too hot and to take away that blanket twenty minutes later has nothing to do with how helpful that blanket was twenty minutes prior.

These are some common and favorite ways to cope with labor especially during natural childbirth when freedom of movement isn’t impaired by paralysis or light-headedness that medications can cause.

  • Candles and flowers. 1 of 7
    Candles and flowers.
    Pleasant scents, and dim lighting can help a woman concentrate on labor.
  • walking during labor 2 of 7
    walking during labor
    Upright, walking positions are often easier to tolerate and help speed labor.
  • Gentle massage 3 of 7
    Gentle massage
    Especially of the hands, feet or hips - Massage seems to be very helpful.
  • Comforting Touch and Positions 4 of 7
    Comforting Touch and Positions
    Freedom to adopt any position, with loving support are hugely helpful!
  • Brushing Hair 5 of 7
    Brushing Hair
    I knew a woman who brushed her hair through almost all of transition. The rhythmic and massaging motions were soothing
  • Blue exercise ball 6 of 7
    Blue exercise ball
    Exercise balls are fabulous for helping laboring women adopt supported but upright positions.
  • Aromatherapy or essential oils 7 of 7
    Aromatherapy or essential oils
    Calming, tension relieving essential oils can be soothing during labor.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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