Top Unisex Baby Names for 2012

I just made the unfortunate discovery that both my children’s names – Violet and Henry – are on the list of top names projected for 2012.

That’s kind of a bummer as it sucks to be one of three children with the same name in a school class.


But, what’re you gonna do?

So, I present you this list of top unisex names for 2012 not so much to show you what you should name your baby, but maybe some names you want to avoid so you don’t end up in my predicament.

This list comes from one of my favorite baby naming websites,, who, for the first time ever, compiled a list of the most popular unisex names, which means they are names listed on Nameberry for both genders that are winning the highest number of page views.

Nameberry’s Top 25 Unisex Names, 2011:

1. Harper
2. Quinn
3. Rowan
4. Avery
5. Sawyer
6. Rory
7. Riley
8. Emerson
9. Finley
10. Dylan
11. Luca
12. Micah
13. Sasha
14. Emery
15. Nico
16. Peyton
17. Remy
18. Blake
19. Aubrey
20. Sage
21. Parker
22. Carter
23. River
24. Teagan
25. Cameron

What’s your favorite?  Least favorite?  Why?

Source: Kansas City Star


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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