Tori Spelling Talks Baby Names, Pregnancy Cravings and More!

As soon as I heard the news that Tori Spelling was expecting number 4, I couldn’t wait to chat with her! Thankfully, she had time to fill Babble readers in on her new mom essentials, why she loves being pregnant, why “Hattie” was the one, and so much more!

1.) You ARE super-mom. Point blank! I really have no idea how you do it all! Now with #4 on the way, how do you manage it all?

Nothing has really changed. Just more love to go around. I am busy, but my passions all revolve around things I can involve my family in so we all get to stay together whether its work or play. So it just works.

2.) During your pregnancies, what were your weirdest cravings?

I have never had crazy cravings. It was Rocky Road ice cream with #1. #2 was avocados and mangos. #3 was sour skittles and #4 so far is just pineapple!

3.) What are a few of your must-have products when it comes to decorating the nursery?

mamaRoo for sure! A swing that gently rocks the baby to motions like in utero. Hattie’s fave thing in her nursery is this stuffed animal seahorse who’s belly lights up and plays music by Fisher Price.

4.) How did you choose their names? Did you just know, google, buy lots of baby name books…

With Liam, right when the doctor told us it would be a boy Dean said “I’ve always loved the name Liam” and that was it. We both knew that was his name. With Stella we had trouble. Read every baby name book and still nothing. I had always wanted to name my daughter Estella from Great Expectations but it didn’t seem right but then we thought…why not just Stella and that was it! With Hattie we had no girl name picked out because we thought she would be a boy. When she was born we googled old fashioned girl names and when we got to Hattie we both turned to each other and said “that’s the one!”

5.) What is your favorite part of being pregnant?

I love how people treat you when you’re pregnant. People take care of you and even strangers in the street smile at you. It’s a nice feeling But, I actually love every moment of being pregnant.

6.) As a veteran, what are your new-mom essentials?

A&D cream for diaper rash, Born Free bottles, Ambajam Blankets,mamaRoo, and a great diaper bag!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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