Tracking Your Pregnancy? There's An App For That.

Babble's Pregnancy Tracker

If you are anything like me, you literally cannot get your hands on enough baby or pregnancy tracking information.  My bookmarks bar runneth over with links to every week-by-week guide that exists on the internet.

In addition to using websites, I’ve recently started using my husband’s iPad to download a few different pregnancy and baby apps.  One of my favorites so far is Babble’s own Pregnancy Tracker!  Here’s a quick rundown of all the great features…

Countdowns:  As of today, my app is letting me know that I am 28 weeks and 4 days pregnant, with 11 weeks and 3 days remaining (um, WHAT?).  As a math nerd, I like numbers, so this feature is particularly appealing.

Week-By-Week: Each week you get a new paragraph about how your baby, body, and diet might be changing.  This week, supposedly my baby is starting to position himself for birth – hopefully head down!

Tips: The app also gives you the option to subscribe to an email service that will send a daily health tip!  Can’t get enough of those, right?

Extras: The “more” tab allows you to store data about your baby, and I think it’s nice to have one spot where you can keep all of your important info.  You can add potential baby names you are considering, as well as phone numbers for all of your baby contacts and medical professionals.

Gender Prediction Chart: While these are generally a shot in the dark, it’s still always fun to play along.  The chart tells me I will be having a baby girl.  If that is the case, I am in for a BIG surprise in October!

Signs of Labor: There is also an extra feature that lists all the signs of labor you might experience.  Having these quick and easily accessible in an app is so much easier than googling and fumbling through your phone while experiencing those first scary contractions.

When to Call a Doctor: Similar to the “signs of labor” feature, this list of potential concerns is helpful to have handy in a hurry.

What pregnancy websites and apps do you like best for tracking your weekly progress?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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