Traditional Boy Names for Girls – Good or Bad Idea?

Baby Boy NamesEven though I have a lot of time left to go before a name is really important, I have been thinking a lot about baby boy names and baby girl names. With my other kids, I had their name narrowed down quickly and when we found out their gender at the 20 week ultrasound, we started calling them by the name we chose. With my youngest, we didn’t find out her gender early, but had two names (a boy name and girl name) but called her Bean (which we still do) until she entered the world.

We have decided not to find out the gender early with this child, so we’re on the hunt for two names that we can choose from when all is revealed. The thing is, I have fallen completely in love with a name that would be more traditionally given to a boy and I can’t imagine a child of ours with a different name. That got me thinking. This name that I’ve fallen so hard in love with could be used for a girl child — even though it would traditionally be more of a boy’s name.

The idea of a unisex name isn’t lost on me. I have a traditional boys name with a finesse of spelling to make it look more feminine. Growing up, my unique name made me feel more special and I never had to worry about another Devan in my class or even my school. As you know, I love unique names and as I think more and more about this name we’ve chosen if we have a boy being given to a girl — I still love it.

:: Do you think “boy names” for girls is a good thing? ::

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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