Transforming Sports: The ESPN App

My husband really, really likes sports.

Therefore, I am trying to really, really like sports, too.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m an active gal. I like some aspects about sports (the nail-biting last five minutes of a really great game… and tailgating, of course). But I hate wading through tons of sports news that doesn’t matter to me.  I want to know about ‘our‘ teams and the news that impact us.  The Xbox ESPN app not only provides us with access to the games that matter, but it also targets our sports-watching experience so we get the news we care about.

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Thanks to the Xbox 360 ESPN app, we have access to thousands upon thousands of games, replays, highlights, and commentary. My husband especially loves how the app allows us to watch live games that aren’t being shown on our cable channels.

He also likes the feature that allows him to identify his favorite sports and teams (go Miam Hurricanesi!).  The My Sports system essentially provides the user with a ‘shortcut’ to the sports news and games that he or she cares most about. Our ESPN news alerts (the well-known BottomLine feature) are also shaped by our My Sports list, meaning that we get targeted alerts about the sports that interest us the most.

We haven’t tried this feature out yet, but the app allows you to split-screen two games at once. I think this would seriously confuse me, but I can definitely see how it would be useful during the peak of college football season. I’ve read that you can independently control each part of the split screen, pausing one game to focus on the other, or rewinding the second game while the other plays on.  Speaking of college football, there is also a centralized scoreboard that you can easily flip to, giving you up-to-date scores for all the ongoing games.

In fact, we love the Xbox ESPN app so much that we may quit our traditional cable package. We were only hanging onto it for sports, and now it seems utterly useless because of the Xbox!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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