Trend Alert: Decorating Lady Parts with Feathers & Fox Fur

For a Vegas-style crowning.

And you thought we’d reached the final frontier of crotch grooming with the Brazilian/ass-bleaching package? Think again. Real Housewife  Cindy Barshop has a new menu item at her hair removal mecca, Completely Bare: For a price, she’ll decorate your hairless crotch with ….feathers and fur.

New York magazine published a hilariously rigorous interview with Barshop this week. Just to be clear:

“Oh, I see. So you’re not actually gluing hide to people’s vaginas, it’s just the actual fur.
You’re putting the individual hairs on the body.

What’s the average surface area of fur that you apply?
It depends, it could be anywhere from three to five inches in diameter, everyone’s a different size.”

So it’s like you have this hairless pooter, which is then given new hair but it’s not hair it’s super soft fox fur. And not a leathery merkin but fastidiously applied individual strands of fur.PETA is, not surprisingly, pissed.

So, pregnant ladies, have you give any thoughts to your vuvla presentation at the time of childbirth? I think feathers and glitter might be appropriate for this Very Important Day!! Let your baby have a festive, Vegas-style  crowning. This is a big entrance, after-all.  Anyone?


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photo: Completely Bare


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