Trendiest Baby Names of Past Eras

I so love looking at baby names! Since the moment that we found out we were expecting, my husband and I have been throwing out names—both boy and girl names to see if we can find that perfect one that’s meant to be.

I love checking out the meaning behind the names, how they sound with my other kids’ names and our last name, and if they’re at all popular. I tend to stick to the ones that aren’t, but there have been some pretty amazing names over the past hundred years. Sometimes name popularity just doesn’t matter.

We have settled on the name for our baby to be. We chose a unisex name so it won’t matter what gender the babe turns out to be, the only thing that would change would be the middle name. We found out the gender (and had it confirmed again, which I will be sharing soon) and I am happy that the name we have is not on any of the lists that I’ve found thus far.

Nameberry, the amazing baby name site that I often refer to when deciding on my baby’s name, put together the ultimate list of the trendiest names from the past 130 years. The names really surprised me and I wasn’t expecting a lot of them to be included!

They may take you by surprise too!

Check out the trendiest baby names from past eras according to the best baby name site, Nameberry:

  • Trendiest Baby Names of All Time 1 of 11
    baby names

    Ever wonder what about the trendiest baby names from the past 130 years? Check it out!

  • Trendiest Girl Name From 1972 2 of 11


    According to Nameberry, the name is inspired by the soap opera Where the Heart Is, but with a different spelling twist.

  • Trendiest Boy Name from 1972 3 of 11


    Desmond was a name I had in the front of my mind if we were to have a boy. It was taken off the list a few years ago (we were thinking for baby #1), but turns out that it's been a trendsetter in the past.

  • Trendiest Girl Name from 1978 4 of 11


    I love this name and you don't hear this one at all anymore. According to Nameberry, the inspiration behind this trend is the name of a Steely Dan album. I want to see more babies with this name!

  • Trendiest Boy Name from 1942 5 of 11


    I am a huge fan of last names being used as first names (One or more of my kids may have this trend with their own names too!) This one works perfectly as a first name and I think it really stands out.

  • Trendiest Girl Name from 1981 6 of 11


    I know a few Krystles who are in my age group and now I understand that it was a trend at the time!

  • Trendiest Boy Name from 1966 7 of 11


    Nameberry says this trend comes from the TV show that was popular at the time called The Big Valley, which had a character of the same name.

  • Trendiest Girl Name from 1937 8 of 11


    This is a name I still hear often, but apparently it's not as trendy as it was back in 1937 when it was inspired by the actress Deanna Durbin.

  • Trendiest Boy Name from 1982 9 of 11


    Back in 1982 there was a super popular TV show The Fall Guy starring the beloved actor Lee Majors. His character on the show was Colt and its popularity rose.

  • Trendiest Girl Name from 1994 10 of 11


    R&B singer Aaliyah was just rising to peak fame when tragedy struck and she was killed in a plane crash. Her memory lives on and she inspired the trendiest name for 1994.

  • Trendiest Boy Name from 2000 11 of 11


    Who could forget the Cuban boy named Elian Gonzalez who made headlines around the world in 2000? His name became one of the trendiest names over the past era and Ellan, though spelled differently was said to be inspired by Elian.

Do you have a child with any of these names? Share in the comments!

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