Trying To Decide Whether To Have a Baby or an Abortion? Ask The Internet!

birthornot.comOkay, so here’s the scenario:

This couple from Minnesota are pregnant. They’ve put up a website with a detailed diary of the pregnancy, complete with observations and quotes from pregnancy guidebooks. They’ve had a number of ultrasounds, including a 3D one, all of which are pictured on the site. Sounds pretty standard for a pregnancy in the age of personal blogging.

Except this couple claims to be considering an abortion (Why? They’re just not sure if they’re ready to be parents). But they can’t decide whether to abort or have the baby, so they’ve decided to poll the public and let them make the decision.

When I first read this story on Gawker, I was as confused as the writer of that post. Every way of reading the story seemed appalling. Is this just a way of getting attention? A twisted byproduct of American Idol culture? A shocking display of bonafide stupidity?

But once I checked out their website for myself, things became a lot clearer.

My money is on this as an elaborate political stunt. A really, really disturbing one.

Here’s why:

There’s way too much information about pregnancy on that site. The couple seems too invested in this experience (and thus the baby) to be wavering.

They’ve been married for ten years. Of course you can not feel ready to become a parent forever, but as a primary reason for a second trimester abortion? Seems unlikely.

They’ve bought a doppler monitor so they can listen to the fetal heartbeart at home.

They’ve named the fetus Baby Wiggles.

And then there’s this quote:

“We’ve even had people offer to adopt rather than go through with the possibility of an abortion vote. While we deeply appreciate the thought, we wouldn’t want to take away the opportunity for the public to make this decision.”

I find it hard to believe that a couple who was seriously considering aborting a fetus, especially after this amount of time, would be invested in a process over all else.

It’s just not credible. My guess is the couple is trying to make a symbolic statement about abortion politics by overlaying the idea of a popular vote onto one woman’s choice. But that’s not how it works. The choice in pro-choice is not about whether to have an abortion or not. It’s about whether or not to be able to decide that for yourself.

Sure, I could be wrong. These guys really could be seriously considering aborting their second-trimester fetus, after buying equipment to listen to her heartbeat in the privacy of their own home, naming her, and taking the time to post regularly about the minutae of her development in utero. They could just be posting those videos of the ultrasound so people can make an informed, unbiased decision. And they may be waiting until the last legal date to abort a fetus in their state because they truly are conflicted….or just to give everyone a chance to weigh in. But somehow, I doubt it.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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