Turbo Nesting

What I removed from the attic!

This past weekend was one of those rare, not much scheduled weekends that I was very much looking forward to. Sure we had planned to go through a few boxes in our attic, but the plan was to spend a couple of hours on Saturday and relax for the rest of the weekend. Um, something took hold of my brain and body on Friday afternoon and will not let up. Sure, I’ve nested with my last two, but this time I’ve gone wacko. I literally tore EVERYTHING out of storage, sifted, purged and totally organized. I couldn’t even get dressed yesterday before beginning my duty. Thankfully the hubs took the kids to the park while I got my nesting on. I didn’t stop until he forced me to go to bed.

Here’s why I think I went nuts (other than this being a totally normal pregnancy behavior): I have a very tall almost seven year old daughter that I saved every item of clothing and many toys and shoved into bags and boxes and containers into every inch of my attic. On top of that I can never find anything up there like the Halloween decorations. It’s pure chaos and something that has been driving me bonkers for years (5 to be exact, since that’s how long we’ve lived here).

Now that we are having a boy, and this is my last child, I felt an uncontrollable urge to get rid of it all. But before I could just drop it all off at the goodwill, I had to sort. I knew girls of every age so I put together bags of the seasonally appropriate good stuff and set those aside. I did keep some of Sylvie’s clothes from various ages, made small box of super special stuff and a larger box of clothes that one day I hope to turn into a quilt (ha! How many years will that box sit up there?). I just couldn’t bare to part with those so at least I know they are there and ready when I am.

Next I went though all of Lincolns bags of clothes for the new baby. I organized them into plastics bins and labeled according to size but more importantly when you open a box it’s not just shoved in, they are neatly folded into piles of PJ’s, pants, t-shirts, etc. I stacked the boxes so the largest size is on the bottom. So satisfying to see my attic now!

I didn’t just stop at clothes either, I went though every single bag and box up there and either got rid of it or stored it properly with a label. I ended up with about 20 empty plastic bins and enough space to make myself a secret hiding place (wouldn’t that be nice).

It seemed like everything I did forced me to organize. I went to get plastic a cup for my son and ended up cleaning out the entire container cupboard, plus four kitchen drawers. We went to play a game and as the kids pulled out checkers, I pulled out all the games we don’t play and organized the game cupboard. I can’t stop!

Now that it’s Monday and I’m back to the grind it’s taking everything I’ve got to keep from tearing more things apart. Up next, toys! Then my closet, then the linen closet, then…

I’m not going to stop until this place is in order and I’m going to let this urge take over because it’s the last urge I’m going to have until the kids move away to college!

Tell me, are any of you momma’s nesting and purging and organizing? And what should I hit up next?

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