Turkey Sandwiches: Are You Eating Them?

I am a sandwich girl. You may remember my Chicken Salad recipe I posted a few weeks ago? Well, my love for sandwiches doesn’t stop there. I am also obsessed with turkey sandwiches. I have found that while being pregnant, I want turkey sandwiches even more. Maybe it’s the whole wanting what you can’t have thing?

With my first pregnancy, I did everything by the book. I cut out all caffeine, soft cheeses, and lunch meat. Even though my doctor promised that lunch meat sliced in front of me was totally safe, I didn’t take any chances. I wasn’t even down to eat a sandwich if it was piping hot. I went the whole 9 months with out any kind of lunch meat. To prove it, I’ll show you a very funny (embarrassing) picture of myself after the jump…

This time around, I am still staying away from packaged lunch meat, but I am eating turkey sandwiches that are sliced and prepared in front of me…. like at a deli. Am I being stupid? Or was I being overly paranoid with my first pregnancy? What are your thoughts on staying away from certain foods while pregnant?

How embarrassing… this is a picture of me taken an hour after giving birth to my daughter. I could not wait a second longer. I told my husband the only push present I wanted was a turkey sandwich.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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