Twin Saves Sister's Life While in The Womb

Superhero twin saves the day

This is a sweet story that reaffirms just how amazing twins are while in utero. (Check out these awesome ultrasounds of twins in the womb!)

As Alison Smith Squire from The Daily Mail reports, Andrea Goodrich was 20 weeks pregnant with twin girls when doctors told her fluid was leaking from her placenta which would cause her to miscarry.

But then one twin did something that saved the lives of both.

Amazingly, her daughter Nico shifted in the womb and plugged up the tear in the amniotic sac. Nico positioned herself so low in the womb that she acted as a plug, preventing a miscarriage or an infection.

Doctors were amazed when they did an ultrasound and found Nico lying way down underneath Kiki. And the little girl stayed in that position.

Nico’s maneuvering allowed Andrea to stay pregnant until 30 weeks. Can you imagine how scary those ten weeks were? I wouldn’t even dare move. But all Andrea’s (and Nico’s) hard work paid off. Nico and Kiki are now healthy and happy seven month old girls.

“When they get older,” says Andrea, “We will tell both of them the reason they have such a special bond isn’t only because they shared a womb but because before they were even born, Nico saved Kiki’s life.”

Nice work Nico!


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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