Twitter Roundup: Moms Share Most Creative Baby Gifts!

Moms share creative gift ideas!

Between my baby shower a few weeks ago, and our due date crawling closer and closer, we’ve received a lot of baby gifts in the past month.  I quickly discovered that baby gifts are not like wedding gifts, despite the fact that the process appears very similar – life change, create registry, have a shower, etc.

For weddings, people like buying toasters and cutlery sets.  One click of the registry and your gift is on its way to the bride and groom, who will hopefully think of you every time they make toast or use their blender.  But for babies, it’s all about onesies and stuffed animals – the cuter the better!  It seems like baby gifts are often a bit less traditional, and many times focused on creativity and sentimentality.

I polled my pregnant and mom friends on Twitter, asking…

What has been your favorite/the most creative gift you’ve received for your baby?

Moms weighed in and shared some creative and unique ideas – check them out!

  • Handmade Gifts 1 of 9
    Handmade Gifts
    I have never heard of handmade burp cloths before, but it makes sense that anything homemade would be special and sentimental for both moms and babies (eventually!). Note to self: I still need to buy burp cloths!
  • Stocking the Kitchen 2 of 9
    Stocking the Kitchen
    I think meal deliveries and food schedules are such a great idea for after the baby comes. I can definitely see my family living off of cereal for a while until we get back in the swing of things.
  • Hand Me Downs 3 of 9
    Hand Me Downs
    Baby expenses are no joke, and any chance to get something passed down is not only sentimental, it's also very helpful financially.
  • Family Heirlooms 4 of 9
    Family Heirlooms
    This is such a cute idea! While safety standards and design styles certainly change over long periods of time, it's also nice to hold onto some sentimental pieces that can be passed down.
  • Commemorate the Year 5 of 9
    Commemorate the Year
    I think this is a really fun idea, and not lame at all. I love reading through my baby book and seeing all the things that were happening back 1981 (gulp).
  • Grown Up Gifts 6 of 9
    Grown Up Gifts
    This gift is both hilarious and totally practical. What new mom and dad couldn't use a pick me up after 9 months of pregnancy and the experience of labor and delivery?
  • Fuel for the Family 7 of 9
    Fuel for the Family
    This is similar to the meal schedule mentioned before, but I love the idea of stocking the freezer with cookies you can pull out when the need strikes. Snacks and things that are easy to grab are going to be critical in those first few weeks of adjusting to life with a baby.
  • Personalized Paintings 8 of 9
    Personalized Paintings
    Handmade art is one of the most sentimental and long-lasting gifts you can get. If I was even remotely artistic, I would love to give handmade prints or paintings to loved ones and friends.
  • Monogrammed Memories 9 of 9
    Monogrammed Memories
    These types of gifts often come after the baby, since more and more moms are choosing to keep baby names under wraps until delivery day. Monogrammed pieces are the ones that seem to be kept for many many years, and definitely make a great gift.

Can you add to this list?  What was your favorite baby gift?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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