Oh My Heck!! Did BYU Basketball Star Brandon Davies Get His Girlfriend Pregnant?

I believe I’ve mentioned before that I’m a recovering Mormon. I was born in Provo, Utah in the ominous shadow of Brigham Young University.

The college is owned and operated by the Mormon church Church of  Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and, therefore, has what they call an honor code. Anything from vulgar language to having members of the opposite sex in the student’s apartment past midnight would be considered a violation.

The honor code warns students to stay away from tea and coffee (Mormons are admonished not to drink tea and coffee because of the caffeine) and follow strict clothing and grooming standards. Men cannot have facial hair, women can only have one piercing per ear, clothing must be modest blah blah blah.

So you can imagine the uproar when BYU basketball star Brandon Davies was suspended from the team Tuesday for violating the school honor code. BYU wouldn’t say what Davies did but many speculate he engaged in premarital sex. Sex? SEX?! A college student having sex, you say? But that’s how it is here in The Land of Zion, y’all. Like I said, BYU students aren’t even allowed in the dorm rooms of the opposite sex past midnight! It may have something to do with the movie Gremlins, but I’m not sure.

Today, multiple sources are reporting that Davies girlfriend is pregnant. Many are debating whether he deserved to get kicked off the team, compromising a great basketball season. Doesn’t matter. He violated the honor code, ridiculous or not.

This Mormon, pregnant and shamed scenario is nothing new here in Utah. I went through it as well. You can read about it here. But hey, I didn’t sign on to go to BYU. When I turned eighteen I got the hell out of Provo.  Davies turned 18 and moved to Provo.  On purpose!

While I think BYU’s honor code is completely stupid it’s the church’s university and they can do what they want. Anyone who goes there knows the deal so I don’t feel too bad for Davies and his lady even though they’re only doing what every other college kid in America is doing.

The problem with Mormons engaging in pre-marital sex is that they’re so wracked with guilt over the whole thing they don’t go out and buy protection because that would be acknowledging that they plan to have sex. Likely, the couple was doing a little levi lovin’, as we used to call it, and got carried away.

Same thing happened to me when I was seventeen.

The news station I work for here in Utah is all over the story. You can check it out:

BYU’s Brandon Davies suspended for honor code violation.

BYU students talk about ‘honor code’ values in light of Davies incident.

Photo Credit: FOX13NOW.COM

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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