UK Mom Gives Birth to a 12 Pound, 12 Ounce Baby (Vaginally! in 44 Minutes!)

"Big Baby" 2003, Nina Levy

In the UK, Gemma Tevendale, 26, gave birth to a 12 pound, 12 ounce baby girl. This is Tevendale’s third baby, the other two were large as well but not this large.

During her pregnancy ultrasound readings predicted a baby in the 10 lb range, so they expected larger than average (7 lbs 8 ounces) but were surprised to see, after a vaginal, un-medicated 44 minute delivery, a baby quite so big.

She’s the heaviest girl ever born in Britain and she has two teeth already. It is reported that mom didn’t need stitches. (Can you imagine if the status of your crotch was the fodder for international headlines?!)

Tevendale did not have gestational diabetes–a condition that can sometimes lead to larger-than-average babies. She says she ate lots of fish and that might have contributed to the size of the baby. But it’s highly doubtful that 4 servings of tuna and smoked salmon a week would do such a thing. (Though now that this info is in the papers, she’s likely going to get a lot of grief for potential mercury and listeria exposure.)

Tevendale is only 5 ft 4 inches herself and was normal size when she was born. But the size of babies and how that can affect birth is somewhat of a mystery. Obviously some women can give birth to big babies without much ado. But this isn’t always the case. And some mothers have a very hard time with a smaller baby.

Partly this is because birth is not about size alone. And not just the baby’s size: I would also venture to say– while we’re talking about a total stranger’s crotch on the Internet– that the size of mom’s parts doesn’t have much to do with it either.

There are lots of things involved, like the size of the pelvic bone opening, positioning in labor, the fact that mom had given birth twice before… I come from a long line of large Scottish babies *with VERY large Scottish heads, and the moms are all fine. It’s just genetics. One mom’s huge baby is another’s normal. Still, only one tenth of a percent of babies are born weighing over 11 pounds!

You can read some facts about how the baby’s size affects birth here. And about the myth of the “stretched out” vagina and the easy birth here.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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