Ultra-Practical Ways To Get Ready For a Baby During Pregnancy

Last week Monica wrote an article titled 7 Ways to Get Ready For a Baby While Pregnant.  The article is a tongue-in-cheek look at just how much life changes post-baby and is a humorous way of saying “get ready”.

Well, while I won’t be setting my alarm for all hours of the night to start practicing for all the strange sleep I’ll be getting (or rather won’t be getting) I thought I might share a couple of my own ultra-practical suggestions for getting ready for the life-changes a baby will bring.  Oh…and by “ultra-practical” I mean things that will help you relax just a little more and enjoy a lazy moment here or there.

Hope you enjoy and please feel free to add to my list!  I need all the suggestions I can get!

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  • Sleep 1 of 7
    If this is your first child it just might be the last time you get any decent sleep for quite a few years (depending on just how many children you plan on having). Obviously you can't stockpile your sleep and save it up for later, but I say get it now while the getting is good. Your most elaborate fantasies post-baby will most likely not entail anything extravagant like trips to remote tropical islands, but much more likely just little dreams of a quiet, uninterrupted place to rest.
  • Put together entire outfits and hang them in your closet 2 of 7
    Put together entire outfits and hang them in your closet
    Don't be the sweatpants mom! Putting a little effort into your closet now before the baby gets here can help you avoid this common mommy pit-fall, because even those sweatpants moms that you see pushing around strollers may have been stylish women before late night feedings and crying babies turned them into zombies. Put together entire outfits (tops, bottoms, accessories, shoes) and hang them up in your closet now. That way when you're dealing with 20 things at once you can just grab and go and it should be just as easy, if not easier, than pulling on some sweats.
  • Learn to love dry shampoo 3 of 7
    Learn to love dry shampoo
    In her article, Meredith suggested that you "shower like it's a race" to prepare for parenthood. Obviously showers may not always be top priority once the baby arrives, so learn to love dry shampoo now. It's seriously miraculous. I love Batiste and you can get it for around $8 at Sally Beauty Supply. I would also suggest that if you re currently a daily hair washer to start washing every other day and work up to taking more days off in between washes. I've been doing this for the past year and combined with dry shampoo I can now go almost a week without hair washing. I'll probably appreciate this skill even more once baby is here.
  • Practice and imrpove your multi-tasking skills 4 of 7
    Practice and imrpove your multi-tasking skills
    Most mom's are akin to Super Woman. They somehow do it all and make the impossible seem possible. Practice your multi-tasking skills now to get them sharpened and ready for when baby is here.
  • Stockpile an arsenal of quick recipes/plan menus 5 of 7
    Stockpile an arsenal of quick recipes/plan menus
    My guess is that when you're sleep deprived, you're much more likely to have a bowl of cereal for dinner than you are to make pasta primavera. While you have time now, stockpile quick and nutritious recipes and plan entire week's worth of menus so you can do your grocery shopping quickly without any agonizing over "What's for dinner?".
  • Figure out how to install your carseat 6 of 7
    Figure out how to install your carseat
    Learning how to install your car seat may sound like a given, and you may think "Oh, I'll just figure it out when we're leaving the hospital." But, have you ever tried putting a car seat in? Some of those things require a degree in nuclear engineering just to install! Practice now so you'll be able to quickly transfer the car seat from one car to another should the occasion arise.
  • Open up all your baby supplies and get them put away (AKA nesting) 7 of 7
    Open up all your baby supplies and get them put away (AKA nesting)
    Open and sterelize baby bottles, wash clothing and blankets and do any other last minute "nesting" tasks now, because the last thing you'll want to be doing when baby has a poopy diaper is wasting precious time to unwrap the plastic packaging on those wipes!


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