Ultrasound Redo: Hoping for Better Results This Time

UltrasoundAfter all that went on with my last ultrasound, I am even more nervous this time. I made another appointment to get my anatomy ultrasound done this week, at a new clinic, and I have my fingers crossed for a more enjoyable experience all around.

If you didn’t read what went on last week — pop over to the post where I rant about the terrible technician I had who just made my anxiety worse. I am still left confused on how a professional working in this field could have such a cold attitude to someone who told them about their anxiety of ultrasounds, due to the history of multiple losses. When my husband spoke to the manager of the clinic, all she had to say was we should make them aware of our anxiety — which I did. I have a feeling the technician was lazy and uninterested because it was near lunch time, but she could have just been a really cold person. Or a bad day for her which turned into a really bad experience for me.

By the time I have my next ultrasound later this week I will be, by my first ultrasound, basal body charts, and last menstrual period, nearly 20 weeks pregnant. The baby has been measuring small for the past two ultrasounds, but I am hoping to get some clearer answers for how the baby is, and get more than a 30 second look this time.

I will say that my anxiety is a lot more present for this upcoming ultrasound than the previous one. Not only about the health and growth of the baby, but the mood and personality of the technician. I can’t deal with another cruel person.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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