Ultrasounds, Amnios, and Non Stress Tests… OH MY!

My afternoon went from relaxed, to stressful and scary in the matter of a half hour. I went for my follow up ultrasound to measure our daughters growth, and the results were something I certainly was not ready for.

Last ultrasound, our daughter measured in the 29th percentile weighing in at an estimate of two pounds nine ounces, which of course there is a margin for error in the third trimester. Which of course the doctors explained.  While she was small, her body measured normal, but her head was lagging behind drastically in only the 9th percentile.

In hopes that she would catch up, we rescheduled for three weeks, which brought us to today. I put on my game face thinking everything would be just peachy, I would have my ultrasound, and go home to enjoy the rest of my day with my boys and husband. But it didn’t turn out that way at all.

After sitting through the measurements with my toddler in tow, because he wouldn’t leave my side today, we waited for the doctor to come in with the measurements, and results. She came in, and they were not what I wanted to hear. In the three weeks she dropped off in growth again, going from the 29th percentile to the 17th percentile and not even gaining a full pound.  Again, even with the margin of error in the third trimester ultrasound, it was concerning. The problem is… we don’t know exactly why this is happening.

The placenta and cord are working and functioning perfectly… so there could be a number of reasons. Next step was the suggestions and recommendations of the Perinatologist.  We could do nothing, and continue to monitor… We could do an amnio to test for various reasons the growth could be slowing… or just wait it out.

I opted for the amnio. Not because I was pressured, or backed into a corner, because as a mother, with two healthy boys, with complication free pregnancies, I needed to know why this could be happening, so we can prepare ourselves for what is going to happen in the next couple weeks.

The amnio sucked. But it was quick, and my biggest concern was my three year old.  He was a trooper and handled everything well. One of the doctors sat with him in her lap and he held my hand while the other did the actual amnio with the ultrasound tech. He was fine, I think it phased me more than him.

After that I had to sit on the non stress test monitors for an hour to make sure contractions didn’t start up. Thankfully everything went off without a hitch, at least thus far.  No broken water, and we should have the results of the amnio in no mater than a week. They are testing for chromosomal abnormalities, and infection at this point.  The two most obvious culprits for this kind of growth restriction.

The Perinatologist also told me that even after all of this, she could just be a small baby. But if in two weeks when we do another ultrasound measurement… if there is a halting to the growth, we will be looking at a pre-term delivery.

For the time being, I am trying to stay in mama bear mode and go with the flow, and do what I need to for my boys, and my daughter. But as a mother you cannot help but worry about what the future holds, especially with the risk of premature birth.

Cherish your children, and give them an extra hug and kiss tonight.

Thank you to everyone for all your thoughts and prayers during this time, our family greatly appreciates it.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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