Update From My Hospital Bed, Pictorial Of My Week + Saving My Unborn

My personal facebook status last night, went a little something like this: I’m exhausted, emotionally drained + of course, I can’t sleep. And I kinda want to cry. #endofrant.  This about sums up how I feel right now. But after having contractions every five minutes for hours, I was starting to get discouraged.

As soon as I get the discharge paper work, I plan to high tail it out of here. But of course, on tons of conditions per my team of doctors to save my little guy + make sure he doesn’t arrive early. Yes, I have a team now. Once I am stable enough, here’s the deal breaker:

1. Complete Bed Rest

Not sitting up, not on the couch, in bed. Laying down, or at least somewhat resting with my feet up. Sitting for long periods can cause contractions so, that is out. Not quite sure how I am going to direct a photo shoot from my bed. I guess there is always FaceTime right?

2. Bathroom Rules

I am allowed to get up to go to the bathroom as needed. Yay for no bed pan! However, I can only shower 3X a week for a 5 minute period each.

3. No Stress Allowed

I have to try and remain calm, or well – try. For a control freak like me, this is already stressing me out. I run my own business, write for Babble and contribute to many other publications. Not to mention I have 4 Littles at home + I am a social media junkie. I have deadlines over the next few weeks I need to meet, clients to keep happy, and a household to run. And well, the list goes on.

4. Babysitting for Me

Yep, you read correctly. Due to my serious battle with anemia and the fact that I am on the max dose of Procardia every 4 hours (which is really used to lower blood pressure) I have a major chance of passing out at anytime. Which means, my husband will now be home with me 24/7. It looks like he will have 5 kids to watch. Well, 5.5 if you count the bun in the oven. Not to mention, I have a serious schedule for my daily cocktail of 6 medications a day. I couldn’t do this without him.

This has been such a roller coaster ride + I am dying to get off. Literally begging.

I’m counting down days to viability. 2 weeks. I’m counting down the weeks I have left in this pregnancy. 18 weeks. I am counting the current week I am. 22 week. I’m counting down until my last weekly shot. 13 weeks. The last dose of meds I have to take. 14 weeks. I’m counting down to the day I can get out of bed. 14 weeks.  The day I can take a shower longer than 5 minutes. Who knows! I’m counting down to feel like me again and not in a medicated haze. But most of all, I’m counting down to my due date, praying I make it, and just waiting to hold my son.

In the mean time, while I wait to hopefully get discharged I thought I would share with you a few candid moments of my week, summed up by instagram of hospital living. Gotta do something while your bored, passing time right?

  • Arm Candy 1 of 9
    Arm Candy
    Yes, I still accessorize in the hospital. The bracelet reminds me to have faith too. Oh, and it's cute.
  • Dedicated Hubs 2 of 9
    Dedicated Hubs
    Mr.Darling is such a keeper. He sleeps right next to me, on the floor.
  • Lunch Time 3 of 9
    Lunch Time
    I always order the same thing for breakfast, lunch + dinner because I know it's safe. For breakfast it's always a bagel + rice krispies cereal. For lunch, it's cheese steak sandwich, orange sherbet + a side Cesar salad. Don't forget the ginger ale.
  • Me 4 of 9
    Just snapping a picture on the way to the bathroom on the day I turned 22 weeks preggers!
  • Room Service 5 of 9
    Room Service
    I have to say - room service has been quick and housekeeping is super-friendly. They are good at trying to make you feel at home.
  • Welcome to My Office 6 of 9
    Welcome to My Office
    Okay, before you say, why aren't you laying in the bed? I had just gotten up to change my gown. This is my temporary office. I kinda wish I could get some pretty sheets.
  • My Room 7 of 9
    My Room
    Welcome! Shoebox size + I wish I could redecorate while I am here.
  • Passing the Time 8 of 9
    Passing the Time
    Thank goodness for a Starbucks in the hospital + a good book.
  • Favorite Things 9 of 9
    Favorite Things
    Two things that are making me smile right now besides the sound of my sons heart beat. My favorite Liv + Lily headband and the only hospital gowns I will wear from Annie + Isabel. I don't forget about fashion in the hospital. Nurses love it!
    Buy a headband like mine from Liv + Lily
    Get the must-have hospital gown from Annie + Isabel

Note to Self: I got a text from my good + very faithful friend with an uplifting bible verse; Deuteronomy 20:4. “For the Lord your God is going with you. He will fight for you against your enemies, and he will give you victory!” This quickly reminded me to have faith, let go and remember, God gives you what you can handle and this is out of my hands. I must be strong.

Not sure how I got here? Read my last post on how my unborn calls the shots.

PLEASE TELL ME: How did you pass the time?


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