Update: Honey I'm Home!

I’ve been released. And I am hoping, I will get out of this whole bed rest thing on good behavior. Wishful thinking right? If you read my last post, you will understand just what I am talking about. I have 97 days of bed rest to go. Yes, you read correctly. 97 days. The more I say it, the longer it sounds. Oh, and not to mention we had a hurricane like storm last night and we most likely won’t have power for umm, a week! 

At almost 23 weeks, I have to get to 36 weeks. I need to pass viability with flying colors and just pray I have no more episodes now that I am home. This is my last chance. If anything else happens, I will be back in the hospital on bed rest. No fooling around here.

I have lots of rules and regulations to follow. Pop 5 pills a day. Shower 3X a week for 5-minute periods. And as stated before, I am only allowed to leave my bed to use the bathroom — not my couch, not my chair. I am not on house arrest, I am on bed rest. Looks like we will be the best of friends. But the thing is, I am already losing my mind. Not to mention, I am not to be under any duress — another thing per doctors orders. So, if that means the hubs has to take my iPhone and laptop, I am going to be in trouble!

While I am seriously concerned for my unborn, I am stressed {there’s that word again!} for what will happen with work, cupcakeMAG, the fact that I have to cancel all summer vacations, day trips, etc. and just what will my poor Littles will do all summer. I still have deadlines to make on photo shoots, editorials and all of the above. I have an amazing team at cupcakeMAG to help hold up the fort but, I am control freak and already completely freaking out. Freaking. For those who know me personally know that I have a lot on my plate. It was in fact, pretty full. So now, it’s overflowing.

My husband has now been demanded to stay home at all times. Due to my anemia and medications I am on, I have a pretty big chance of passing out. Fun times right? But, I will do anything and everything to make sure I meet my son and that he is healthy and almost full term. I am determined and apparently he is too!

At this point, my doctors are holding out for 34 weeks. Which, I am just not a fan of. My youngest was born at 34 weeks and spent 4 weeks in the NICU {read about it here} and well, that is just something I don’t want to do again. So my goal is to make 37 plus weeks. They kind of giggle at me but they said, anything can happen. It can happen, right? I am hoping.

What’s against me? The fact that my body is trying to reject my unborn. I am still contracting even on the highest dose of meds. They will stop the medications at 34 weeks and my last 17P shot (keeping my cervix closed) will be at 35 weeks. My cervix is also changing. Thank God I haven’t dilated yet, but it is no longer long — not a good sign.

I believe in having faith and I am as always, trying to stay as positive as possible. Ask me that in a few weeks. I am not sure if I will have the same answer as I am already having a hard time and it hasn’t even been a full week yet. ohh.emmm.gee. But, I am determined to save this little man and make sure nothing happens. That’s my role as a Mom right? To protect my Littles.

I may not have met him yet but I already love him so much and as eager as I am to meet him, I am just praying for him to stay inside and cook awhile longer.

In the meantime, I want to hear from all of you. Did you have a similar situation? Were you on bed rest? How did you pass the time or should I say, not go crazy? What did you do to countdown the days? I need some advice! I’ve been on bed rest before, but never this early or for this long so please – help a sister out!

For all of those who have been following me on Being Pregnant, for the tweets, FB comments, emails and all of the above – I am eternally grateful for the love, support and prayers. You all really know how to make a gal blush! 

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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