Upside Down Baby: Why I’m Relieved My Baby Isn’t Breech

PregnancyI’m 32 weeks pregnant and was super relieved to get some very good news this week at my prenatal checkup: Baby Boy is now head down! Woot!

His position in my uterus had been weighing on my mind for the last month. When I was there for my 28 week checkup in April, I had an ultrasound just to make sure everything looked good, which is standard procedure at my high-risk practice. When the technician informed me that he was breech I was totally bummed out. Both my other babies were head down by this checkup. The technician saw the look on my face and quickly assured me he still had plenty of time to flip around and if he didn’t do it on his own, “we will try to turn him manually from the outside.”

“Say whaaaaaat?” I replied.

She went on to explain that if I’m ready to deliver and he is still breech that they would have one of the doctors basically push and pull on my stomach from outside and change his position while monitoring the baby to make sure he is not distressed.  (I later found out this is called External Cephalic Version or ECV.) She said it sounds painful but most moms say it doesn’t feel as uncomfortable as you would expect. Call me squeamish, but I was really hoping to avoid that. And this week when my OB checked baby’s position even he looked visibly happy that the baby was head down. PHEW.

I mentioned this to a group of my mom friends and they all knew about ECV–and one of them mentioned that she’d heard you can also coax your baby down shining a light at the top of your stomach or have Dad talk to the bottom of your uterus to get baby to flip. I wonder, does that actually work?

Here’s hoping my little guy stays put and doesn’t try to go traveling in the next 7 weeks!

Did you try anything to re-position your breech baby?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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