Valentine's Day Gifts: For Your Very Special (Pregnant) Sweetheart

I always thought being pregnant was kind of romantic. Sure, my husband and I weren’t able to do the kinds of romantic things that brought us together in the first place- downing double jack and gingers and staying up all night grinding to the jukebox at the local dive bar–but still, somehow we both felt at times that this was perhaps the most romantic thing we could do.

What was growing inside of me was quite literally an expression of our love.

Still, with all the talk about “the baby” it can be hard to remember how this whole thing got started. It’s about you guys. So, definitely celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. It’s a cheesy Hallmark holiday to be sure. But you don’t have to be cheesy. Go out to dinner, do something special. Get each other gifts. If you already have older kids, pawn them off on someone for a few hours. This is a date night worth scheduling.

And on that note: I came across the most amazing gift idea for your very special pregnant sweetheart:

This jewelry is made by Shana Lee, an amazing designer who started out in New York City and now has a gorgeous studio in the Hudson Valley. She custom designed my wedding ring back in the day and I still get  tons of compliments on it. Her stuff is so beautiful and striking and won’t set you back too many digits. This necklaces below give you an idea– most are in the range of a couple/few hundred dollars. But it depends on what kind of metal you go for.

A lot of her pieces suggest mother and baby– or mother, baby and dad–but you’re not clobbered over the head with the symbolism. There’s lots of circle imagery, which is nice for expecting moms and also just nice in general. Her hoop earrings are incredible. It’s a little hard to tell by looking at the pieces online but they have a really nice weight to them. These are not tiny, delicate pieces nor huge chunky things. They’re just the right balance: feminine, strong, striking.

All of these and many more, including some customized options, can be found at

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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