Vibrating Bra Keeps Breasts Firm?! Jennifer Aniston Test Drives

So apparently you can buy a vibrating bra that will “enhance” your breasts.

Let me guess. This miracle product is based on the same “technology” that brought us the cellulite eliminating devices. The vibrations do all kinds of amazing things to your flesh. Jiggles go firm. Sag is uplifted. Magic I tell you! And available to order online. Now!

Jennifer Aniston tried the vibrating bra on the Ellen Show the other day and was pretty hilarious. (Video after the jump.) It looked like she was kind of enjoying the feeling. “Am I being milked?” she asks. Maybe these “bras” are secret sex toys like those handheld “back massagers” you can buy at the drug store.

Please don’t buy these when you’re all postpartum and worried about saggy boobs.If you’re going to fall for some “lifting” miracle cure, get some Clarins bust cream, at least it smells good.

I mean I haven’t tested them but new mothers (and old ones for that matter) are the target market for these gimmicks. Your boobs are great the way they are and they will be post-breastfeeding too. If not, just get a good bra, if not a vibrating one. 

Here’s Jennifer Aniston being cute with Ellen:

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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