Vintage Quilts, Baby!

Over the years, particularly since becoming a mother, I’ve very much grown to love thrifting and shopping secondhand. If I retrace my steps, I believe it happened organically, for a few reasons.

1. Dollars (and typically a few cents). Shopping secondhand is easy on the pockets.

2. Resourceful. Call me a tree hugger, but why buy new (and create more waste in this world) when something I need/desire isn’t needed/desired by someone else?

3. The need to be unique and original. If I go out and by a crib set from that favorite kids store located in the mall (or via mail order), chances are my friends will be able to call the crib set by name. But… if I buy a baby quilt or coverlet at a thrift sore (and make it my own with a bit of upcycling or altering), it will be completely unique and coveted by all.

Decorating with vintage is quick and easy way to make an every day nursery just a little more original.

Vintage Baby(ish) Quilts found via Etsy:

  • Embroidery, Baby. $38 1 of 6
    Embroidery, Baby. $38
    A large (58" x 37") quilt embroidered with adorable animals. Find it at Dairy Chick.
  • Snowball, Baby. $45 2 of 6
    Snowball, Baby. $45
    A 1940's snowball quilt with scalloped edge. Find it at Fabric Designs.
  • Honeycomb Hexagon, Baby. $100 3 of 6
    Honeycomb Hexagon, Baby. $100
    Flower garden quilt probably from the 1900's. Quilted from feed sacks. Find it at Fengshui Packrat.
  • Patchwork, Baby. $80 4 of 6
    Patchwork, Baby. $80
    I love that this quilt is pieced together with feed sack prints! Find it at Joni Design.
  • Houndstooth, Baby. $30 5 of 6
    Houndstooth, Baby. $30
    Red, lime, and tan. Very retro, very cool. Find it at Past Hartz... We Love!.
  • Retro, Baby $40 6 of 6
    Retro, Baby $40
    I adore the bright colors of this quilt! Find it for only $40 at dis N dat VINTAGE.

Do you love vintage for baby? What treasures have you found lately?

IMAGE SOURCE: livin in the past.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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