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Momamia Nursing Bra By Elle Macpherson, for A Pea In The Pod

There are days when I feel quite confident in my ever-changing, pregnant bod. Those days (for me) don’t last forever though. Soon after those confident days come to rest, enter my feelings of awkwardness and inadequacy. I’m human. It happens.

These days, with my bump in full effect and my boobs looking roughly like they could be the size of my head (like each boob = 1 head), my purchase of choice is a hot maternity bra. Now, I get it. I GET IT. There is something about boobs that are serving a purpose other than being gawked at that is strange for some people. To those people, I say ‘get over it.’ If you are able to nurse your baby, like I would like to, and you want some lace or a cute color on your bra to make yourself feel a wee bit sexy (GASP!), then dooooooooooo eeeeeeeeeet. Keep the wise words of fellow ‘being pregnant’ blogger, Michelle Horton in your head, “pregnant women want to look pretty,” and check out her sexy maternity bra picks too. Typically, I am all for bra burning, and my good friend and blogger over at ‘baby’s first year,’ Holly Whitney is too. She’s burning her nursing bras. I just want her to know she has options once she has extinguished the flames.

Scope out my favorite visually appealing maternity bras after the jump!

  • Wild Composure Nursing Bra 1 of 5
    Wild Composure Nursing Bra
    This hot little number can be found at HotMilk (one of our fave sites for sexy nursing bras) for $58.95 and is pretty, feminine and most certainly not your standard nude maternity bra.
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  • Quiet Storm Nursing Bra 2 of 5
    Quiet Storm Nursing Bra
    The name of this one makes me giggle only because when I nursed my now 3 year old, it was a storm and he needed an umbrella. Also from HotMilk is this 3/4 cup nursing bra. For those of you who aren't in need of a full cup, this is SO CUTE.
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  • Lotus Seamless Nursing Bra 3 of 5
    Lotus Seamless Nursing Bra
    One of the best sellers at Belabumbum, this maternity bra caught my eye initially because it looks uber comfy, possibly because it's wire free. Offered in multiple color combos for $38.00.
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  • Coconut Ice Plunge Bra 4 of 5
    Coconut Ice Plunge Bra
    This cutie pie can be found at Cake Lingerie for $59.90 and match adorably with the Coconut Ice French Knicker. (Definitely not your granny panties.)
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  • Butterfly Lace and Microfiber Nursing Bra 5 of 5
    Butterfly Lace and Microfiber Nursing Bra
    Another comfy cutie from Belabumbum will make any mom feel lovely, especially with the pretty lace detail.
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