Visually Appealing Maternity Undies

These are not my fave. While they may serve a purpose, I have enough maternity items in my drawers with full panels. Not a fan.

Did I miss a memo that went out about pregnant women NOT wearing underwear? Because it certainly feels that way. I know there are people who go sans panties, but c’mon!

If you type “cute maternity underwear” in to Google, you’ll get results that say “Maternity Underwear” but they only direct you to sites that show hosiery and bras and undergarments like camisoles. (Do you seriously wear hosiery when you’re pregnant? Because OMG you deserve a medal, or an ice cream cone, something!)



A week or so ago, I wrote a post about visually appealing maternity bras. I think it’s fair to say that most people like things that are in fact, visually appealing. So in an effort to keep things balanced (what goes up must also come down), I’m attempting to bring to you some visually appealing undies.

We can only do the hospital grannies for so long, friends. And even though we may not be able to SEE what is down there by the time we round the corner and enter the land of the third trimester, we still want our situation to be as lovely as possible… for the time being.

And so, low and behold, I offer you visually appealing maternity undies. Check ’em out after the jump!

  • Belabumbum Lotus Girl Shorts 1 of 5
    Belabumbum Lotus Girl Shorts
    I'm a fan of the standard boy short when it comes to undies, and these are a feminine option for us pregnant folk. Made by Belabumbum, found at Bare Necessities...
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  • Luxe Cotton Collection Striped Maternity Girl Shorts 2 of 5
    Luxe Cotton Collection Striped Maternity Girl Shorts
    Since I gravitate towards the boy short undies, I found these cuties that are available in both black & white stripes and pink & white stripes, via Destination Maternity.
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  • 3 Pack Striped Maternity Hipster Panties 3 of 5
    3 Pack Striped Maternity Hipster Panties
    This 3 pack of cotton "hipster panties" (what an odd term.) comes in red with white polka dots, navy blue, and a floral print.
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  • Cupcake French Knicker Maternity Underwear 4 of 5
    Cupcake French Knicker Maternity Underwear
    Made by Amoralia and found through Due Maternity, this lace cutie is certainly a fun pick-me-up. (PS- they're currently on sale!)
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  • Nougatine Lace Maternity Brief 5 of 5
    Nougatine Lace Maternity Brief
    Also by Amoralia, this is one flattering brief (and I'm not even a fan of briefs).
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