Where Oh Where Did My Vital Organs Go?

Things are getting pretty cramped up in here.  At 37 weeks it’s hard to imagine possibly having any more room in my body for baby to grow any bigger.  Breathing is pretty difficult and half the time it feels like my heart (and my lunch!) is in my throat.

Because of this newfound discomfort I began wondering…what really happens to all those vital organs when you’re pregnant?  So obviously I googled it and stumbled upon a video via the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry that was simultaneously cool and creepy.

Seriously?  Where did my intestines go?

See the video for yourself…

Go visit the “Make Room For Baby” video over at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry’s website to see what happens to your body during pregnancy in quick time.


The body is a pretty amazing (albeit strange) vessel, no?

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Photos via {Chicago Museum of Science and Industry}

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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