Wait, What?!…..Am I FINALLY Having A Boy?

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to see my favorite sonogram tech who was ready to take a peek for me. She rocks! One of the perks of the hospital stay is that I got extra ultrasounds, and well, this one showed a little something exciting! It looks as if I am FINALLY getting a boy after my four little girls — Mr. Darling is thrilled with the news! Seriously just estatic with our FAB FIVE.

Me on the other hand? Sure. I am absolutely thrilled this baby is beyond healthy right now, but my questions is – what do I do? He can’t wear a bow! One of the things I always remember about having my girls is playing dress up in the hospital bed. Please don’t judge me 🙂 I post pictures on Facebook and send them to family. Everyone jokes about how their bows have been bigger than their heads. So what am I going to do with a little boy? I can tell you one thing – he will be wearing a bow tie! Does anyone know, do they make newborn fedoras? We have to be able to play dress up with something, right? Call me crazy, but I defintely will need a “how to raise a boy” handbook, as I am lost when it comes to boy toys and such.

I am not exactly sure what to do with a boy, since my life has been filled with pink, bows, ruffles, and more pink. I do know that I will love him just as much as I love my girls, and at this point, I think that is all that matters. I feel very blessed to hopefully be getting a boy!

But in the meantime, what adjusting tips will I need, if any? Did you have all girls and welcomed a boy at last? How did your girls react to a little brother in the house?

I am eager to hear from you all! And thanks for all the well wishes–I am home from the hospital but have a few weeks of recovery ahead.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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