Waiting on Amnio Results

Tomorrow I am supposed to get the results from the amniocentesis I had last Wednesday when I surprisingly got news I wasn’t expecting at my follow up ultrasound. The past week has been hell.

Kick counts, worrying, contractions, and over analyzing every little bump at night praying that I didn’t go into labor in the days after the procedure.  But I think the most stressful part of it all is wondering what the results will bring tomorrow.

There are millions of possibilities, and a strong possibility it will come back indicating nothing wrong, which would only deepen the mystery of why my daughter is not growing properly, and possibly send me further over the edge.

All thoughts and prayers over the next 24 hours would really be appreciated, as this is going to be the most intense hours of my life possibly!

photo: Moyer

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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