Want a Healthy Pregnancy AND Easy Post-Baby Weight Loss? Drink Whole Milk!

Will drinking whole cow's milk make you fat...or help you lose weight?

A new study today confirmed what I’ve said before: don’t skip the fat while you’re pregnant (or any other time, for that matter).

Although it’s been said that skim milk is “better” for you, and will help you lose weight, this new study says the opposite.  Skim milk will not help you lose weight.  In fact, whole milk is much healthier for you!  This is especially true during pregnancy, when your baby needs fat to develop.  And it could help you lose weight after baby comes.  Keep reading to learn how!

While the prevailing thought is that “fat will make you fat,” this study shows that isn’t true.   Fat actually slows the absorption of the milk sugars and carbs, preventing your body from storing them as fat.  It also triggers the release of a hormone that makes you feel full, leading to making you stop eating when you’ve had enough.  (If your body hasn’t gotten what it needs, it will signal you to keep eating…even if you’ve already had quite a lot of food/calories.)

The article also busts the myth that fewer calories = weight loss.  While this is a popular way to lose weight after baby, participants in a large study experienced “transient weight loss only” — the weight didn’t stay off.  Obviously, after you have a baby you will not need to eat as much (unless you are breastfeeding — in which case you’ll actually need a bit more calories; around 500 extra per day rather than 300).  But if you are consuming full-fat, healthy foods, your body will self-regulate to the appropriate number of calories.

For those concerned about the saturated fat in milk and its link to heart disease, have no fear.  There are actually four types of LDL (or “bad” cholesterol), and they range from ‘tightly packed’ to ‘light and fluffy.’  Only the former is seriously bad for your heart, and milk only affects the ‘fluffy’ type.  So, consuming full-fat dairy won’t increase your chances of heart disease.

There’s also a small issue with skim milk — just in case you think it’s “roughly all the same” and based on taste.  When milk is completely skimmed, it is very watery and sometimes bluish.  Some companies fortify their product with skim milk powder to give the milk whiteness and extra body.  This dried milk powder contains oxidized cholesterol because of the high pressure/heat drying process — and that is bad for your heart!

The solution?  Skip the skim and go for the whole!

Source: Is Skim Milk Making You Fat?

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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