Watch Barbie Give Birth, It's So Real

I’ve been a fan of Barbie Art since Todd Haynes first put the Mattel dolls to work in his 1987 movie, “Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story.” 

Now self-described “birth-junkie” and photographer Katie Moore brings us a eerily realistic photo essay of Barbie’s home birth.

I’m such a fan of these pictures I got in touch with Katie to ask her about the series. She told me that she’d been, “thinking of creative ways to show people how normal the birth process can be… It was important to me to show that Barbie had a supportive midwife and birth partner, and to show the positive outcomes of evidence-based maternity care.” Love it. “My photography is just about life,” she added. “Not necessarily about ‘feel-good emotions,’ or romanticizing moments. I love trying to photograph things the way I feel them. From a different point of view. Birth is the most amazing thing in the world, and I love to photograph birth because I can never find enough words to describe it!”

I’ve included 10 of my favorite pictures from the series so you can get an idea– see the whole series here, on Katie’s website. I also added my own imagined commentary for educational purposes– I found the series to be quite instructive– maybe I’ll use it my childbirth classes! Enjoy:

  • Early Labor 1 of 10
    I think this is a contraction-- feel how hard my belly is getting. It doesn't hurt that much yet. Can you get me some chocolate covered almonds and Gatorade?
  • Late Early Labor 2 of 10
    Having my daughter around for the labor is amazing. We watched some YouTube videos earlier this week so she knew I'd be getting in weird positions and making even weirder noises. (But that that was totally okay and normal.)
  • Active Labor 3 of 10
    Now it hurts but it feels better when I lean on you and rock back and forth a little bit. We should start timing these suckers.
  • Transition 4 of 10
    I can't get comfortable, it's so hard. I need a break. I need to rest. Lying on my side is better than lying on my back. I think I need another pillow between my legs and I might vomit.
  • Pushing 5 of 10
    I feel like I need to poop. I think the baby is coming soon. Can you support me while I try squatting?
  • Pushing 6 of 10
    I feel so sleepy and out of it between contractions. During contractions I'm making so much noise I'm surprised the neighbors haven't called.
  • Crowning 7 of 10
    My midwife rules! She is just telling me to push when I feel like pushing. Ken rocks. He's holding me the whole time.
  • Birth 8 of 10
    Wow, that was so hard. So, so hard. But I felt really good and safe the whole time thanks to my awesome, experienced midwife. Birth is so full of contradictions, isn't it? Kind of like life. I have to say though, that I feel REALLY good right now-- maybe because my body is soaking in endorphins and oxytocin! And because little baby Barbie is so beautiful and tiny.
  • An Hour Later 9 of 10
    Mommy you made some LOUD noises! But they weren't scary.
  • And then there were four… 10 of 10
    The family bed just got a little tighter. What should we do with the placenta?





Ceridwen Morris (CCE) is a childbirth educator and the co-author of the pregnancy and birth guide From The Hips. Follow her blogging on Facebook.


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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