'Water' the Chances?

Drip, drip, drop....

I don’t know why I was so surprised, when, at 12:30 a.m. and 40 weeks plus four days pregnant, my water broke just as I laid myself down to sleep.

At that advanced stage in pregnancy, it seems commonsensical that something inside me might give. But on the other hand, of course I was surprised. I’ve read that as few as 15 percent, and 30 percent at most, of all deliveries begin with natural water breaking.

As I close in on 40 weeks pregnant this time around, I’ve been wondering if my water will break again. And if it does, will it be like last time?

If so, I might be best off staying home and laying low. Heaven forbid I find myself in the grocery store aisle surrounded by an increasing puddle of water for any and all to slip in. Some people call it a “leak.” For me, it was more of a constant gush. (First timers, consider yourselves warned. Some of those movie scenes aren’t too exaggerated.)

In reality, I didn’t mind the water breakage last time around. (It helped that I was home and not in the grocery store.) One of my biggest fears was false labor—not realizing the “real thing” had arrived and failing to act fast enough to get an epidural—and having my water break kind of ruled that out for me. I had to be checked by a physician within a couple hours of the break. Contractions started naturally soon thereafter, and the rest is labor and delivery history.

I’ve been reading message boards, and it sounds like the chances of my water breaking again are just about as good (or bad) as they were the first time around. Just because my water broke once doesn’t make it any more likely to happen again.

So I guess I better brush up on the whole timing contractions bit, since I’ve never really done that part. All my fears about false labor are back!

Did your water break more than once? Did you mind having your water break?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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