Pregnancy Euphemisms: 9 Weird, Annoying & Funny Ways to Say "Pregnant"

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Image Source: Thinkstock

The openness about pregnancy has really changed over the years. Back in our grandparents day women were expected to hide their pregnancies, not show them off. It wasn’t something that was openly talked about and even the husbands were not allowed to be in the delivery room when all the magic happened.

Fast forward to 2012 and not only are we encouraged to show off the glowing, beautiful bumps, we are all excited to celebrate the changes that are happening. We come up with creative ways to share the news that the family is expanding, there are are parties for gender and arrivals and generally it’s a huge celebration.

Along with all the creativity in sharing the news, there are even more euphemisms for the term “pregnant” — each with their own connotation depending on your feelings about your situation (since, it’s also more socially acceptable to be in different situations). Some of the phrases are totally cute and fun, others make my skin crawl when I hear them. But, to each their own.

Read below the 9 euphemisms for ‘pregnant’ and chime in on which is the most funny and most annoying:

1.  Preggers-

This term is the number one most hated by me. It makes my skin crawl for some reason when I hear it.

2. Harboring a fugitive-

If you’re looking for a more snarky and funny way, this one is not common, but funny.

3. Knocked Up-

A common one I hear, often used to described an unexpected pregnancy.

4. Expecting-

kind of want to giggle when I hear this one. It leaves some room for interpretation if you’re not familiar with the term. Like, expecting what?

5. Bun in the oven-

Similar to another with a baking theme, this one I have no idea where or why it started, but it gives great fodder for a Halloween costume.

6. Eating for two-

A perfect phrase for someone who wants to explain why they are eating so much. You’re not actually “eating for two,” but you do need about 200-500 extra calories a day.

7. With child-

This phrase was more common back in the day when it was socially unacceptable to be more forward.

8. Prego-

This is second on my list for words that give me the creeps. Also, it’s a brand of tomato sauce …

9. Baking-

I am still on the fence about the term “baking a baby” — just weird, and I wonder where it started.




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