We Bought a Car Seat!

Yes, this is the follow-up post to We Bought a Stroller!

We last left off with our decision to buy the Baby Jogger City Mini 2012. Once we had selected our stroller, the next big decision was the car seat. The salespeople at Buy, Buy Baby explained to us that car seats either pass or fail safety ratings – no approved car seat is ‘better’ than another. Selecting a car seat therefore becomes a matter of preference and price point.

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When attaching a car seat to the City Mini, some brands simply clip into place, but other brands must be clipped and buckled to the stroller. At first, I decided that I didn’t want a clip and buckle seat, figuring that it would be more cumbersome. However, most of the clip-in car seats were out of my price range.

Then, I saw the Chicco car seats. To place the other brands back into the car, you had to perfectly line up the car seat to the base before snapping it in. But the Chicco seats – well, you could just DROP them down (not that I would drop the car seat with the baby in it!) and it automatically adjusted and lined up. Buckling the seat to the stroller seemed like a small price to pay when I saw how easy the Chicco strollers attached back to their car base. Sold!

I ended up selecting the Chicco KeyFit 30. Here are the seat’s other features that I was drawn to:

  • Secures babies up to 30 pounds.
  • Base was included in the price.
  • Nicely cushioned seat.
  • Bubble levels tell you if the car seat is in straight for maximum safety.
Article Posted 6 years Ago

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