We Bought a Stroller!

I’ve gone into baby stores twice with the intent to buy a stroller, but each time, I was so overwhelmed that I left within twenty minutes. We finally pull on our parent panties and headed to Buy, Buy Baby on Saturday night with one goal in mind: buy a stroller.

When we walked in, my husband said to the sales rep, “We don’t want a Ferrari, but we do want a BMW of strollers.” I took one glance at the BMW price tags and gulped, “Actually, I think we want a Honda Civic of strollers.” And that’s how we ended up with…

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We selected the Baby Jogger City Mini 2012 because it is light-weight, maneuverable, attractive, and functional. Plus, at $240, it was within our desired price range. rated the 2011 version as one the Best Urban Stroller, noting:

While any lightweight or umbrella stroller is ideal for an urban setting, bumpy, uneven sidewalks require a stroller that can handle rough terrain, and apartment living calls for a super-compact stroller that you can easily haul up five flights of stairs. When we first read reviews of the City Mini, we found the vast majority of users were unhappy that their baby slouched in the unsupportive seat. However, the new 2011 seat fixed the problem with a stronger back. Plus, the stroller is maneuverable, handles even the most broken up of sidewalks, and breaks down with one hand — seriously! Plus, it has a fantastic carrying strap for urbanites who regularly travel up and down subway or apartment steps. (We carried it on our shoulder without a problem.)

The 2012 version seems to be even better than the 2011 version – totally worth the additional $50. For one, I noticed that the design of the storage space under the stroller was improved – it was easier to slip my purse under the 2012 stroller than the 2011 one. Additionally, the seat on the 2012 stroller was deeper, which will keep bigger children more comfortable for longer. And lastly, the 2012 includes clips that holds the stroller firmly in its collapsed state.  I also appreciated the ‘peek through’ windows on the shade cover, the rubber grip on the handles, and how well the stroller turned.

This is worth repeating – the City Mini is amazingly easy to collapse. I could literally collaspe the entire stroller with one hand, with one movement, and without having to bend down to the ground. Major kudos to the City Mini.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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