We Finally Named Our Baby Boy! His Name Is…

Over the past month, I’ve written a couple of posts around the endeavors of picking out a name for my unborn son. Up until a few weeks ago, my husband and I were having the hardest time picking out a name for our him. Totally stressed, and thinking he may be born without a name, we hired Baby Name Consultant, Elisabeth Wilborn, and I’m so happy we did!

Thankfully, with Elisabeth’s expert advice and guidance, we have FINALLY picked out his full name!!! Continue reading to find out what we decided to name our son…

If you’re having a difficult time naming your baby, I would 100% recommend consulting/hiring Elisabeth Wilborn. I absolutely adore her! My husband and I couldn’t have been more frustrated trying to come up with/agree on a name for our son, and Elisabeth quickly turned what was becoming a burden, into what it should be… a truly magical experience.

With Elisabeth’s help, my husband and I were able to come to a loving descision on our baby’s first name, Johnny. Once that was decided upon, so began the search for Johnny’s middle name. Lost once again, we turned to Elisabeth for more help.

After about a week, I received the nicest email from Elisabeth. It touched me so much that I just have to share it with all of you:

Hello Stevee,

How’s it going with the middle name choices?  I have a few thoughts to share with you, but there is one name I cannot get off of my mind:


Johnny Lee Curtis.  So retro cool, with the Southern flavor you’re going for in Johnny.  An instant classic.  I almost don’t even want to go on, I love it so!

Yet there are a couple of ways you could go with middles.  Since you’re definitely decided on Johnny and not John for the birth certificate, you could give him a middle name “fallback” such as James or William.  This doesn’t seem like your particular style, but it’s an option.

You said you weren’t particularly interested in using family names.  I’m not sure if this is because you don’t love the names, but there are ways to honor family members other than using their actual names.  For example, while Edgar may not be your style, it does mean “blessed spear.”  Lance, which among other things also means “spear”, could be a viable choice here.

Birth months or birth places of relatives can also yield rich results.  Any August babes in the family or Nebraska natives?  Johnny Omaha has an iconic ring to it.

You also might want to choose a famous person to honor that will always be peripherally associated with your child.  Love Clint Eastwood or Robert Redford?  Go with Johnny Eastwood or Johnny Redford.  Are animals more your thing?  Johnny Goodall has a storybook hero quality.

These are just meant to get the ball rolling in the conversation in your family. The middle slot is a perfect position to take a chance, or tuck away a special meaning that only your husband will know.  Choose something close to your heart, and you’ll never regret it.



This is why I adore her! Not only does Elisabeth truly care about picking the perfect name for our baby and for our family, but she really takes the time to research and think about every single aspect of a name!

When I got this email, I was sitting next to my husband. We were both excited to see what Elisabeth came up with, and I decided to read it out loud so it would be a surprise for us both. Not only was it a surprise, but it was also an extremely special moment, and one my husband and I will never forget. One of her ideas hit home, and it was instant love. It was almost like this was suppose to be his name the entire time, but we just needed a guide to lead us to it.

So, are you curious to know what our baby boy’s name is????

His name is Johnny Lee Curtis. It feels so nice to rub my belly and call him by his full name!

For more information on how to have your own private naming consultation, and to learn more about Elisabeth Wilborn, pricing, and what she does, visit, youcantcallitit.com! She is the best, and you will be oh-so-inspired by her site!

Also, be sure to catch Elisabeth on the premiere episode of Pregnant in Heels tonight on Bravo!!!

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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