We Found Our Sperm Donor!

We Found Our Sperm Donor

I told you last month how we did a 180 with our fertility plan so that I could take a much-needed break from all the drugs and hormones — but also so that we could try something a bit more “natural.” Our plan would take us from fertility treatments, appointments and medications to what is known as “at-home insemination.”

At-home insemination is not the same as IUI, which happens in a doctor’s office by a professional because the cervix is pierced. I realized quickly after I told you all about our plan that I should have clarified exactly what we were doing, because some of you thought we meant we’d be performing an IUI ourselves, at home.

We might be a little nutty, but we’re not totally insane. I’ll tell you more about our method in a later post, because before we can start any of that, we needed to find a sperm donor first.

And we did!

We didn’t want to use sperm from a cryobank (a.k.a. sperm bank) for our at-home insemination. Frozen sperm isn’t as good as fresh sperm, and it’s also incredibly expensive. Our hope was to find a guy who’d be willing to “make some deposits” at our home for a much more affordable price than $800 a shot. (Yes, that’s how much sperm from the cryobank costs.) (And yes, I do mean $800 for a single shot of sperm.)

Of course, he’d have to sign legal papers first. And, of course, his blood work would have to be cleared.

We thought this process of finding someone who would be willing to do this might take a while, especially since we recently moved to a new area and don’t know that many people.

But, we are thrilled to report: We found our guy.

For now, he remains nameless for my blog. We’ve discussed how he’ll be portrayed online (regarding personal details, etc.) and, until we decide on what those boundaries are, he’ll simply be known as our sperm donor. Since I tend to over-share nearly every aspect of my life, I want to tell you everything about him and let you know exactly how he’s perfect, but this isn’t just my story. This isn’t some random donor #5775 whose name we never knew. Naturally, we care about protecting his privacy.

What I can say is this: We found him through a friend, and he’s like our angel. They both are, actually. It’s been a long time since hope has been in my heart, and it feels so good to have it back.


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