Week 21: What I'm Eating

So happy my appetite has returned in time for summer fruits and vegetables!

Now that I’m past the half-way point of pregnancy, the chronic nausea and daily vomiting episodes of my first 17ish weeks are becoming a distant memory.  I assume this is the brain’s way of tricking me into wanting to do this a second time, because I am fairly sure that I swore off ever being pregnant again while clutching the toilet bowl somewhere around my 10th week.

With those days behind me, my appetite has returned with a vengeance!  This is the first week where I have finally understood what the pregnancy hunger is all about.  Just as soon as I would finish a meal, I’d be feeling hungry and digging through the fridge again.  So what is it that I’m digging for…?

Right now it’s all about SUMMER food!  Corn on the cob, iced cold watermelon, fresh colorful berries – I cannot get enough.  Here’s a closer look at what I’m eating this week…

Breakfast:  Greek yogurt with berries and granola, followed by an afternoon snack of sliced apples and almond butter with sea salt.  Deeeelicious!

Lunch:  usually consists of some sort of avocado, cheese, or egg sandwich depending on the mood of the day.  Sometimes I eat all three together!  And all lunches are always accompanied by tomato soup.  For 21 weeks, it has been a requirement.

Dinner:  this usually depends on what the rest of the house is in the mood for, but generally I’ve been eating a lot of corn on the cob, baked potatoes, portabello mushrooms, tofu, and anything else I can find an excuse to top with avocado.  What is it about that creamy green stuff that I just cannot resist?

Snacks:  watermelon!  And more watermelon!  Also Trader Joe’s fig bars, more Greek yogurt, and apples with cheese.

I haven’t really had any particularly strong cravings, but I have been giving into temptation a bit more often than I probably should.  Our new neighborhood appears to be grounds for a turf war of gourmet ice cream trucks (seriously!), so I’ve been sampling their delicious creations 2-3 times a week.  I’m afraid the ice cream truck drivers are starting to recognize me!

Being a pregnant vegetarian, one common concern is typically protein intake, but I don’t seem to be having any trouble with mine so far.  Between Greek yogurt, cheese, beans, tofu, quinoa, I’ve been easily hitting all my daily targets.

It is so nice to have my full (and vigorous!) appetite back, and I’m really enjoying being back in the kitchen to cook fresh healthy meals again.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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