A Real-Life Pregnancy: Week 30

I can’t believe I’m at week 30. I feel as if it was just the other day I found out I was pregnant. It goes fast! I’m on the final stretch. I’m feeling healthy, ready for the challenges of childbirth (at least I think I am), and looking forward to meeting my little baby!

I’m feeling great, exercising, getting baby stuff ready, but there is one big thing that has been making me crazy. How many months pregnant am I? I understand the whole “I am 30 weeks pregnant” thing, but how does this really translate into months? The other day at work someone commented on how good I looked and asked how many weeks pregnant I was. I told her that I was almost eight months pregnant and she couldn’t believe it. “Oh my gosh, you look so good for eight months pregnant!” Then I started thinking in my head—wow, am I really almost eight months pregnant? Do I have that right?

Pregnancy Math

Right when I got home I went straight to my computer. I didn’t feel like bothering my OB-GYN with a silly question like this and wanted to see what others had to say. In my head four weeks equal one month, therefore if I’m 32 weeks pregnant then I should be eight months pregnant. So at 30 weeks, I’m seven and a half months pregnant, right?

I found that many other expectant moms are a bit confused by all this weeks/months business. There are some that say a month is 30 days, so the four-week system doesn’t work out. Others were quoting different timetables for different women based on their past menstrual cycles. Who’s right? I was getting more confused instead of finding answers.

Weeks or Months?

I did find something that most agreed on. Most pregnancies last 40 weeks or 280 days. That’s broken down into three trimesters. The trimesters are then broken down into weeks. This is a lot of math in my head, and I need to use a calculator for everything, so even doing these calculations is making my head spin. If you ask your OB-GYN I’m sure that she’ll explain it to you. At the end of your ninth month, you give birth. Based on the information I discovered, I am considered in my eighth month starting next week! That means if I am pregnant for 40 weeks, I only have nine more weeks to go!

Through all this confusing information, I decided that I’m going to tell people in weeks instead of months about my pregnancy timeline. It might make things a little easier. I might just start telling people how many weeks I have left and see what happens then. Do what you feel comfortable with when asked; just know that you’re on your way and almost at the end of this amazing pregnancy! I’m taking advantage of every last moment—relishing the baby kicking, making my husband pick things up for me that I can’t reach, taking afternoon naps, and ordering takeout! I don’t know when I will be able to do those things again!

Sarah’s Stats

Waist measurement: 42 inches
Weekly weigh-in: 168 pounds
Pregnancy symptoms: Naps, tired feet, sore back—the list goes on and on.

My pregnancy advice for the week: “You’re so small for being eight months pregnant!” a co-worker told me. Well, guess what, we all come in different sizes and your body grows in different ways during pregnancy. Unless your OB-GYN tells you that you are over- or underweight for your stage in pregnancy, just keep smiling.

Pregnancy “first” of the week: Eight months pregnant!
Doctor’s visit: Not this week.

About the Photo: The above picture of the author was taken during her 30th week of pregnancy by Dean Lipoff.


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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