You Craved What?

Odd Guac 1 of 15
"During my third trimester, I craved guacamole and pumpkin ice cream. I mixed the two together and ate it all the time."—Jennifer N.
Creamy Concoctions 2 of 15
"I crave milk and fruit punch together and peanut butter and jelly with mayo on top."—Kya
And a Side of Chocolate 3 of 15
"My second pregnancy and I am craving any food along with chocolate (cheeseburgers with a fudge dipping sauce) etc."—Bleu
No Tears Here 4 of 15
"I want onions, and I hate onions! I am a server and I find myself practically drooling over customer's pizzas that have onions on them."—Beckie
Pickled, Please 5 of 15
"I'm in my third pregnancy and I'm craving pickled eggs and beets. I eat them every morning for breakfast. Yummy!"—Candy
Just Peachy 6 of 15
"My gross craving was tuna fish mixed with peach yogurt!"—Drea
Pixie Sticks Gone Wild 7 of 15
"Toward the end, I started eating cornstarch through a straw. I felt like a criminal because I would hide in the bathroom or back yard when I ate it."—Chantel
Gumballs and Cigarettes?? 8 of 15
"I craved gumballs all the time and I wanted to EAT cigarettes, and I'm not even a smoker!"—Hailey
PB&T 9 of 15
"I just couldn't live without my tuna and a few scoops of peanut butter 'n' fudge flavored ice cream on top. Disgusting right? And I still love it!"—Leah
Nutty Rings 10 of 15
"When I was pregnant with my son, I ate onion rings dipped in warm peanut butter."—Janelle T.
Sweet and Sour Oreos 11 of 15
"When I was pregnant with my son, I ate half of a watermelon with a spoon EVERY day—and he LOVES watermelon! With my daughter, I craved Oreo cookies dipped in sweet pickle juice. YUCK!"—Vee
Chips and Poppers 12 of 15
"With my first son it was extra cheesy Doritos dipped in pickle juice and with my second it was jalapeno poppers from Sonic every day (sometimes two or three trips!)."—Sarah I.
Skip the Gravy 13 of 15
"I craved heaping mounds of mashed potatoes with ketchup and hot sauce! I would get the strangest looks at work!"—Sarah C.
Crazy Crudites 14 of 15
"Before I knew I was pregnant I was craving raw onion dipped in mustard. Then later, I ate a lot of English muffins, and I couldn't get enough canned beets."—Jens
Cake Dip with Chips 15 of 15
"When I was pregnant with my son, I craved Swiss cake rolls mashed up and scooped up with nacho cheese Doritos! My husband just thought it was gross!"—Sabrina
Article Posted 5 years Ago

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