Weird Pregnancy Symptom #437

It is currently 1:47 a.m. and I am sitting here writing a blog post. This is not due to the usual run-of-the-mill pregnancy induced insomnia, but rather because of a possible new and unexplained weird pregnancy symptom…

Uncontrollable itching.

Yes, I know that an itchy belly comes with the pregnancy territory – all that stretching skin is obviously bound to itch – but this isn’t just an itchy belly I’m talking about. Literally ever single part of my body is itchy: hands, feet, face, scalp… even my elbows itch! I have to quit typing every few seconds just to itch my hands.

This just started when I went to bed a couple of hours ago and I didn’t really think anything of it. Itching it pretty normal, right? But, I finally decided to go lay on the couch because my poor husband has work in the morning and my incessant itching was keeping him up and I couldn’t sleep anyway. Obviously some Google searching ensued and I learned that apparently I’m not the only one to experience this weird itchy phenomenon.

As I continued reading the information I got was mixed as to what the itching could be – most people were split 50/50 regarding this odd pregnancy symptom. One of the causes could be totally benign and the other could possibly lead to still birth. Awesome. As if I didn’t have enough things to worry about at this stage in pregnancy.

Find out the possible diagnoses after the jump…

Apparently it could be a totally harmless condition known as PUPPS and basically it’s just a pregnancy rash. There are no known harmful effects of the rash and if you have it, it should go away within a few days of giving birth (the itching should stop right after giving birth).

But, if it’s not PUPPS, it could also be Cholestasis of Pregnancy. This diagnosis occurs late in pregnancy and is caused by a buildup of bile entering the bloodstream and can lead to stillbirth if left untreated. From what I read, induction is usually recommended.

Apparently all the “normal” pregnancy symptoms passed me by (i.e. morning sickness, pregnancy acne, heartburn…) and left me with the really odd ones (i.e. no more leg hair growth and uncontrollable itching). Weird.

So…the good news is that this weird pregnancy symptom of mine could be “no big deal.” The bad news is that it could be “a really big deal.” Thanks for making me worry internet. This is why Web MD is not a friend of the pregnant woman, although I suppose it’s better to be informed.

I have an appointment with my midwife tomorrow morning so I’ll ask her about it and see what she says. Keeping my fingers crossed that the itching is just a random fluke, but I’ll keep you posted.

Did any of you experience all-over-itching during your pregnancy?

What was the cause?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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