Welcome to the World, Little… Spartacus?! Unique Baby Name Trends for 2013

As Sam and I start to ponder names for this new little one, we also take a look at how we chose the names for our other 3. Bella was because I always loved the name growing up. Julian was Sam’s favorite boy name (also Star Trek, but I was told this after we had already agreed). Preston was a boy name we loved and it was next in line to use after our first choice.

We looked up their meanings, where they came from, and other ways to say it, or nicknames that went along.

But we didn’t get to these names easily. Like so many parents, we poured over baby books and family names looking for the perfect fit.

I really wanted unique baby names that were a bit different and not heard too often. But with Bella, that didn’t happen. Her name pops up everywhere.

This time around, I’d love something more unusual but that can still be pronounced and easily spelled. When Nameberry released their list of “new” names — names that are very rarely used but gaining popularity — I was curious to find out of any of them might work for us.

Some might. And some, well. Some just won’t. Ever.

Read on to find out the unique baby name trends for 2013:


Pronounced “air,” the name Eyre gives all those Charlotte Bronte fans a fun way to immortalize her, or her famous book’s heroine. I have to say, I love it.


I really like Maro’s spelling, although I don’t know if I would choose it for my son. It kind of reminds me of the word bone marrow.


I adore this name; Eos sounds like it came straight from a Greek god. I think it would also be cute on a little boy.


Yeah, Spartacus isn’t my favorite name. I’m pretty sure you’re setting your kid up for a rough childhood of being teased and an adulthood of being asked to repeat it.


A British surname that is now gaining popularity as a first name in America. Hallam is different, but I like it.


A quirky nickname for Elizabeth, Zibby makes me think of a mix between Libby and Zippy.


I’m torn on this one, because while the word Whimsy” and its connotations are certainly adorable, I don’t know if I’d want it as the actual name. Maybe it would work better as a middle name… Or for a pet.


It’s unique to see and say, but is Mazarine something you want your son or daughter to have spell for everyone they come across?


Green names are turning into quite the trend, and Jade could be a great option for a girl. It brings to mind the classic gem, not just the color green.


Scandinavian names are on the rise, between the History Channel’s new show Vikings and actors Stellan and Alexander Skarsgard, and parents are taking note. Vikings’ Ragnar isn’t too appealing, but the Old Norse girls’ name Astrid, meaning “beautiful goddess,” is pretty and evocative of the night sky.


Amid the Mad Men craze, parents are giving kids ’60s names again, but they can often be hit or miss. Take Peggy: cute or too old lady?


Not sure about this one. Dulce is Italian for “sweet,” which is … sweet — but maybe too sweet.


Named after the filmmaker? Not in this lifetime! It’s hard enough to keep kids away from violent video games and media as it is. Sorry Quentin.


Short for the Irish surname Finnegan, Finn is cute — depending on how much of a Glee fan you are.


Nicknames as real names, like Dex, can be cool, but even the shortening doesn’t quite distance this one enough from the Showtime TV serial killer.


Another color trend, Silver has that cool factor to it. Though not sure how much your kid will like it when they’re older.


Celebs and regular parents alike have been into the name India lately, and it’s easy to see why. Pretty and exotic without being hard to spell or explain, this is definitely a contender.


Leon has always been popular across the pond, but now it’s catching on in America. It has a nice ring to it — Leon sounds like a heroic knight.


Old is new again, and Downton Abbey’s sweetest ex-fiance doesn’t hurt this name’s chances. Lavinia is lovely — but maybe don’t tell your kid about the fate of her BBC namesake.


Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy may have kick-started a trend with their name for their firstborn; Cyrus is cute, and it’s different but not unheard of.


State names are becoming popular, especially after Reese Witherspoon named her son Tennessee. Montana sounds nice for a girl, and evokes a bit of nature since it’s so close to the Spanish word for “mountain.”


Apparently, storm names (like Hurricane Sandy) have a tendency to become popular after the fact. Guess “hurricane” is a good way to describe what having a child is like!


This unique spin on “Amy” has an elegant ring to it. Amya could be a nice new trend.


Names-that-aren’t-typically-names are always a risk, but Gage is very cool. Would you give it the green light?


No pressure, baby Thor! How is a kid going to live up to his thunder god namesake?


Click here to read the full list of names on Nameberry.com


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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