We’re Having a…

We're Having a...Second babies are just different than your first. I’m sure I will love this baby just as much as we love our daughter, but the fact remains, I had way more free time and energy before I had a toddler to chase around. The idea of even entertaining a gender reveal party after we had our gender ultrasound yesterday was out of the question.

Christmas just happened, and then we got back from Disneyland where I caught the worst cold/sore throat of my life and my daughter’s birthday is on Wednesday. Too much going on.

So, Baby #2… I’m sorry that you didn’t get any big hoopla or a full on gender reveal party like your sister did, but I promise it’s not because we love you any less or aren’t excited to meet you. Mommy’s just really tired and feeling pretty crappy this week.

I promise to make up for it when your first birthday rolls around by giving you a non-healthy cake. Your poor sister’s first birthday cake was the healthy kind and it just wasn’t the same. Lucky for you, there are benefits to being the second child. I’ll probably be way less uptight this time around, which is good news for you.

Even though we didn’t do a big party this time around I thought this baby still deserved a little internet gender reveal, so without further ado… we’re having a…


I’m still processing it all, but we’re very excited and can’t wait to see Fern as a big sister to a little brother. She already told me she wants to take baby brother in our “hot swimming pool” (a.k.a. our hot tub) when he gets here. I told her he was still too little for that, so now she’s been walking around saying, “Baby brother in the hot swimming pool. No. He’s too little.” I think that means she’s excited, though.

Can’t wait for all the boy adventures to come and super excited for the new challenge of styling boy clothes. So fun!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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