What 12 to 23 Weeks Pregnant Looks Like in 3D Ultrasounds

It’s no surprise I’ve had a multitude of both 2 and 3D ultrasounds this pregnancy. After a loss at 20 weeks last year, and being 90% effaced with my daughter at 31 weeks, my doctors didn’t hesitate to whip out that wand and take a look to see just what was going on. Every time I walked in the door.

While it wasn’t my first choice with all the unknown surrounding ultrasounds still, it certainly was reassuring to see our baby so often. We even knew at 14 weeks what gender he was. Mostly the ultrasounds were to monitor my fluid and cervix, which are still normal, but all it took was a button to switch from 2D black and white to 3D ultrasounds. My perinatologist (MFM) is amazing and has done that every time we’ve been in to see her, then given us a picture to take home.

Some I’ve published on here in my weekly updates, some I haven’t. I love looking at the progression of the development, so I’m sharing all of my 3D pictures thus far with you to take a look at. I’ll try to explain each as best I can, since some of them are a bit hard to see definition and one looks like I have a flat child.

Click through to see my 3D ultrasounds from this pregnancy:

  • Pregnancy in 3D Ultrasounds 1 of 8

    Here's 7 pictures over 11 weeks from 1st to 2nd trimester of development from a 3D view! 

  • 12 Weeks 2 of 8

    Aw. All snuggled up. This was our first 3D shot. Ever. I couldn't believe how defined it was already at 12 weeks. 

  • 14 weeks 3 of 8

    A little hard to make out here at 14 weeks. The arm is coming up to the face, the legs are folded. The next picture of the same week is a lot more clear. 

  • 14 Weeks B&W 4 of 8

    Here you can see things a lot better. 14 weeks and there is an umbilical cord, hand development, and the face! 

  • 15 Weeks 5 of 8

    The little hands killed me on this one. His legs are still folded, and at this point my doctor mentioned how far down my placenta was. Thankfully it's moved up much higher since then.

  • 16 Weeks 6 of 8

    I don't even know. It's like he knew we were taking pictures and just wanted to be left alone. Sam and I laughed so hard over this one. 

    Sorry kid, mom's a blogger. This is simply the first round of many, many pictures to come. 

  • 19 Weeks 7 of 8

    Again, his little face is turned away, but seeing his arms and head was so neat. We were able to see movement while feeling it as well at 19 weeks. 

  • 23 Weeks 8 of 8

    Our last one so far. The spots are from the umbilical cord being directly in front of his face and moving. Also some of the shadowing. We finally were able to take a look at his face, little mouth and nose. We both agreed he already looks a lot like our daughter. Pretty amazing. 

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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