What a 12 Week 3D Ultrasound Looks Like

What a 12 Week 3D Ultrasound Looks Like
Yesterday I headed to the perinatologist (MFM/high risk pregnancy specialist) who I was referred to by my grief therapist.

And if at this point you’re like, “This chick has a therapist, an OB, and a perinatologist. What a mess.” Well. Yes, LOL. But it’s working! It’s really helping me calm the heck down through this pregnancy after the trauma of the hospital and losing the twins.

Anyway, the peri wants to keep updated on my cervix, which thinned to 90% with Bella at 30 weeks into my pregnancy. The exact opposite happened with the twins (water broke but I never dilated or effaced until a week later).

So I’m a high risk pregnancy again, which means that while everything could go perfectly, there is a bigger chance now of difficulties occurring. They all want to keep tabs so that if it does, we can take any and all measures to try to stop or slow them down.

In her office, the only thing I’m there for is an ultrasound. They have a 3D machine and I was able to see the baby. I have to say, it looked more like a little grasshopper than infant. It was all jumpy and thin, with a giant head. But definitely a little person, arms and legs kicking around and smacking itself in the face.

Everything looked great, and at the end I received a printout of the ultrasound. It’s my first 3D one and I thought it really was too amazing not to share. Especially with it being this early on in a pregnancy, as most 3D are much, much later.

So here the baby is – arm covering its face as if to hide already from the onslaught of photos that will be coming once it’s here in our arms. đŸ™‚

12 week 3D ultrasound

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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