If You Could Go Back In Time, What Advice Would You Give Yourself?

There is so much we can learn from moms who have done this already!

When you’re pregnant, it’s easy to feel frustrated and annoyed by the never-ending influx of unsolicited advice that we inevitably all receive from (usually) well-meaning others.

But let’s not forget that experienced moms want to share their words of wisdom for a reason:  they have been there.  They know the ups, the downs, and everything in between.  And while of course we moms eventually need to figure it out for ourselves, it’s nice to be able to ask for help, advice, or even just an ear to listen as we navigate the rocky path through parenthood.

A few months ago, the people behind Nummies nursing bras put together a video called Reflections of Motherhood (video embedded below).  The creators asked moms — “if they could go back to right before they had their first child, what would they tell themselves?”

As my due date draws closer, I’m starting to feel really emotional about my pregnancy being over.  I think ahead to when I am a mom and wonder what advice I would give myself right now, so I asked my mom friends on Twitter what advice they wish they’d had while they were still pregnant.  Their answers, along with the video inspiration, are below…

Reflections of Motherhood video:


And additional advice given from many new moms on Twitter!

  • You are strong enough 1 of 12
    You are strong enough
    This is such a powerful message, and probably one we all need to be reminded of, whether pregnant or not.
  • Let it all out 2 of 12
    Let it all out
    I cannot wait to experience this feeling.
  • Change is never-ending 3 of 12
    Change is never-ending
    Taking things one at a time, and day by day, will surely help lessen feelings of being overwhelmed.
  • Don’t be afraid 4 of 12
    Don't be afraid
    This makes me very happy to hear, and I think most newbie moms can agree that recovery is one of the scariest "unknowns."
  • Crying is normal 5 of 12
    Crying is normal
    Crying is a baby's only way of communicating, so it's important to listen and not panic.
  • Take it all in 6 of 12
    Take it all in
    I hope that I can remember to be present in the moment, and really appreciate each passing second during delivery.
  • Nobody is perfect 7 of 12
    Nobody is perfect
    Perfection is unnecessary, and entirely over-rated.
  • Say yes to help 8 of 12
    Say yes to help
    This is a hard one for me, as I am typically a "do-er" and less of a receiver. I'm forcing myself to shelve those urges and accept all the generous help that has been offered.
  • You will be emotional 9 of 12
    You will be emotional
    Is it even possible that I could get MORE emotional than I am already?
  • Time will go too quickly 10 of 12
    Time will go too quickly
    On certain days, I feel like these 9 months of pregnancy have flown by, so I only imagine it's even faster once the baby arrives.
  • Relax 11 of 12
    I am determined to make myself let go of the small things and truly enjoy this experience that will only happen once.
  • Be flexible 12 of 12
    Be flexible
    In both pregnancy and parenting, flexibility is key.

What about YOU?  What advice would you give yourself, if you could go back to right before your baby came?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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