What an At-Home Insemination Kit Looks Like

At-Home Insemination Kit

If you ever told me that I’d try to get pregnant with the help of Amazon, I wouldn’t have believed you in a million years. But I’ve seen and been through more in the past two years of this wild and crazy fertility journey than I ever thought I would.

So, stranger things have happened.

When we decided to do a 180 with our fertility plan, and instead attempt to get pregnant at home the good old-fashioned way — er, um, the new old-fashioned way? — we knew we’d have to do a few things first.

1. Find a local sperm donor (and we did!)

2. Get medical advice on how to actually do at-home insemination — which we did, with the help of some really awesome gay-friendly fertility doctors. And Google.

3. Track my cycle — which I’m practically an expert at since I spent the last two years in and out of the fertility center.

4. Order an at-home insemination kit — which we also did, from Amazon. It was the exact same thing we could have bought from our fertility center, but way cheaper. It’s pictured here. Sexy, right?

It contains a sterile cup for “the goods,” a needleless syringe that sucks up the goods and deposits the swimmers inside of me, and a menstrual cup that goes inside of me afterward to stop any of the goods from spilling out.

This kit contains six sets.

One of the things we’re really excited about is that our donor is going to “make deposits” (in the sterile cup) five days during my fertile window. Live sperm (as opposed to sperm from the cryobank) ups the likelihood of success. And being able to “try” each day during my most fertile time of the month will also up the likelihood of success.

We know there are no guarantees, and some people think we’re nuts for “going backwards” — most women try at home first and then move on to fertility treatments, not the other way around — but we really believe this could make all the difference in the world, and that I have a really good chance of getting pregnant this way.

One thing is for sure: At the very least, it’s worth a shot.


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