What Your Pregnancy Cravings Say About You

With each of my pregnancies I craved very specific things: With Big P all I wanted was orange juice, with Princess R I ate my weight in onion rings, and with Babe E all I wanted were those fuzzy peach gummy candies. Though the cravings were seemingly random, I truly believed at the time that my body knew what it needed and would drive me crazy until I consumed it (yes, even if that “it” were gummies).

But now, looking back, I’m starting to wonder: Are our cravings really reflective of what our bodies need or more reflective of our personalities? Here’s what I believe our pregnancy cravings say about us …

  • Craving: Pickles & Ice Cream 1 of 15
    What it says about you: You like to do things by the book. If others before you said pickles and ice cream was the best pregnancy indulgence they ever had, you take their word for it and follow suit.
    Image: Vegan Feast
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  • Craving: Mexican Food 2 of 15
    What it says about you: You don't care what others think. You know all about the fat and calories in a Taco Bell Chalupa, but guess what? You're eating for two now so you'll have your burrito and eat it too.
    Image: bucklava
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  • Craving: Ice Cubes 3 of 15
    What it says about you: You're already a very motherly type. You're the one friends and family look to for honest advice; always with that perfect balance between what you want to do and what you should do.
    Image: twobee
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  • Craving: Dirt 4 of 15
    What it says about you: You march to the beat of your own drum ... and you have Pica disorder. You also have extreme discipline — enduring 9 months of your life resisting the urge to eat your front lawn takes a lot of control.
    Image: winnond
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  • Craving: Steak 5 of 15
    What it says about you: If you ate meat before you became pregnant, this craving just says that you know a good meal when you see one. If you are a vegetarian who now will hunt your own cow just for the meat, this craving says you are the mom who will do anything for your kids. In either case, you're bold and refuse to conform to gender stereotypes (steakhouses are not just for men).
    Image: Suat Eman
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  • Craving: Diet Cola 6 of 15
    What it says about you: You only play by the rules you believe in. You know the key to happiness is everything in moderation, and if your body wants cola, you are having cola!
    Image: Rawich
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  • Craving: Salty Food 7 of 15
    What it says about you: You are the life of any party. Not terribly worried about the small things (like the fact that soy chips are probably healthier than the real deal), you like to relax, have fun, and make everyone feel comfortable. If chips are for dinner, hey, at least you're eating dinner.
    Image: Master isolated images
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  • Craving: EVERYTHING! 8 of 15
    What it says about you: You are easy to please and easy to get along with. If you are pregnant with a partner, I bet they are pretty thrilled at your 'just get me something!' requests.
    Image: Tracy Hunter
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  • Craving: Chocolate 9 of 15
    What it says about you: You are all woman. You expect chocolates on Valentine's Day, your birthday, Christmas ... basically all year long, from your loved ones. Chocolate is always, and will always be, your number one 'pick me up.'
    Image: Ambro
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  • Craving: Milk 10 of 15
    What it says about you: Wholesome and easy to get along with, you like to keep things simple. You are always one to fall back to routine when things get stressful, and you stick with what you know: milk does a body good.
    Image: Danilo Rizzuti
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  • Craving: Dill Pickles 11 of 15
    What it says about you: In dream land pickles mean you are anxious about something. In pregnancy-craving land, I see it more as a sign of sexual frustration.
    Image: Maggie Smith
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  • Craving: Spicy Food 12 of 15
    What it says about you: You're not one to play it safe. You believe that life is all about what you make of it, and yours is on fire (in a good way). (You also heard that spicy foods can help induce labor and you're pretty much over this whole 40 weeks thing.)
    Image: cjansuebsri
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  • Craving: Fruit 13 of 15
    What it says about you: If you didn't really eat fruit before growing a tiny human, this craving says you like to live in the moment; always sure that things will work out the way they are supposed to. If you did eat fruit before getting pregnant, this craving shows that when life gets tough, the tough get going; pregnancy is no excuse to binge. Either way, you believe in taking care of yourself when it matters most.
    Image: paytai
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  • Craving: Cheesburgers 14 of 15
    What it says about you: You're pretty laid back and go with the flow. If your pregnancy cravings lead you to Big Macs, well then you will eat those Big Macs and enjoy every bite. And if you have to send someone on a 3 am pick-up run, you'll find a way to return the favor (as long as they back off your fries).
    Image: Grant Cochrane

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  • Craving: NOTHING! 15 of 15
    What it says about you: You're probably already eating everything on this list. Show me a pregnant woman without a craving, and I'll show you a woman who's using a surrogate.
    Image: maya picture
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