"What Do I Do Now?" And Other Priceless Quotes From Women Who've JUST Given Birth

What's the first thing you said the moment after giving birth?

The moment of birth is incredible and joyous and profound but it can also inspire extreme pragmatism, “Is everything there?” or comic relief, “Taco Bell, please.” Seconds after the birth of my first baby, I said three things: “Is he OK?”, “He’s beautiful!” and “Did I tear?” (Though I must confess I think it was in the reverse order.)

I posed the question, “What was the first thing you said after giving birth?” to Babble and From The Hips readers. I got over 3o0 responses, and they’re amazing. Reading them takes me right back into that intense swirl of feeling surrounding the moment I first became a mother (sniff).

Here are 50 of my favorite responses– thank you everyone for chiming in!

What do I do now?
Submitted by Kate

What happened?
Submitted by Margaret

Did I poop?
Submitted by Nikki

After my first birth I said, “Never again.”
Then after my fourth birth, I said, “Never again.”
Submitted by Mariella

Pass the Pinot Grigio.
Submitted by My Kitchen Chaos

Let me hold her!
Submitted by Debra

He’s rad!
Submitted by Amber

Why is he purple?
Submitted by Celeste

I looked at the doctor and everyone in the room and said, “I am so sorry for yelling!”
Submitted by Rebekka

Happy birthday!
Submitted by Denni

Can I go home now?
Submitted by Ashley

Is everything there?
Submitted by Ivey

”Ž“That actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be” 😀
Submitted by Lucy

With #1: “Is he blue, pink, bloody, white?” as he was pull from my body. With #2: “I did it!”
Submitted by Sara

Taco Bell, please.
Submitted by Jessica

It has a penis!
Submitted by Tina

I feel so much lighter!
Submitted by Jennifer

Hello, beautiful. Mommy loves you.
Submitted by Jennifer

Oh my God… that wasn’t so bad.
Submitted by Tammy

I already love you.
Submitted by Christina

What a beautiful, healthy baby! Thank you, God!
Submitted by Barbara

“How much does he weigh?” I was convinced he was huge because I had gained so much weight, but he was only 6lbs 3oz!
Submitted by Erin

Thank God I’m not pregnant anymore!
Submitted by Amy

Holy moly, I can see my feet again!
Submitted by Brynn

Can I eat now?!
Submitted by Bailey

I f***ing did it!
Submitted by  Laureen

I gave my son a baby high-five and said, “Good job, buddy.”
Submitted by Taryn

Glad he’s here, now give me pain meds.
Submitted by Nichole

I think I said, “Hi!”
Submitted by Marissa

That was easy!
Submitted by Lynn

I’ve been waiting sooooooo long to meet you!
Submitted by Dana

“What is it?!”
Submitted by Kimberly

I said, “I love you,” to my husband.
Submitted by Jillian

I asked if she had all her toes and fingers.
Submitted by Kimberly

Immediately after? When they pulled my boy out during the C-Section, I commented how cool it was that Blondie was playing on the radio – that my kid was born to Blondie.
Submitted by Kathryn

She’s beautiful… I can’t believe I did it!
Submitted by Crystal

After my second baby, I turned to my husband and said, “You need to get snipped.”
Submitted by Danielle

Babe, we can do this again. It wasn’t bad at all.
Submitted by Franki

I don’t remember what I said, but I do remember what my husband said. He said, “Oh my God, she’s beautiful,” and he started crying. I had never seen him cry before! I will never forget that moment.
Submitted by Heather

I turned to my husband and asked, “How does he look?”
Submitted by Andrea

Why aren’t they crying? I had twins.
Submitted by Amber

“Is she OK?” with my first, and “Look what we did!” with my second, now expecting baby number three. Then this mommy is done.
Submitted by Crystal

How about we decide on a name?
Submitted by Denni

Next time, I’m getting an epidural!
Submitted by Rachel

Can I have a glass of water, please? No more ice chips!
Submitted by Anita

I want two more!
Submitted by Stacie

“Aw, that’s my daughter!” I was in shock I was a mom.
Submitted by Kerai

He looks like my husband!
Submitted by Marlene

I can’t wait to sleep on my stomach again.
Submitted by Charleen

This is really a miracle.
Submitted by Liz

Oh my God, it’s a baby!!
Submitted by Brittany

Look at what we made!
Submitted by Jessie

I’m in love.
Submitted by Kristen

photo: Kelly Sue/Flickr


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